Stieg Larsson

      The Girl in the Spider’s Web

      The director rewrote the books open, creating a new history around Lisbeth and her father, and adding a sister. Crap. Wrong. The book is not Stieg's, written by Lagercrantz, yet the history should not change. Come on people! ... Read more

      how meny book and the order

      how meany book is there with follows the girl with the dragon tattoo and do thay need to be read in the way the was wrote ... Read more

      What waa he like?

      I have read about SL’s life on the wikipedia article. But what kind of person was he like? I would be interested in what fans think

      Posted by PP in Stockholm , 15 November 2014

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      His death

      Does anyone else find the way he died “suddenly” odd?

      Posted by Aisha , 10 November 2014

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      Book 4, will it ever be published?

      This is a quote from the Swedish TV website, from an investigative show done about Stieg Larsson and how the book income has been divided after his death.


      EN KNAPP MÅNAD före sin död skriver Stieg Larsson ett mejl till vännen John-Henri Holmberg. I mailet står att läsa:

      “Kan också meddela att jag är 320 sidor in i Sallander fyra och hoppas vara klar i december. Enligt synposis ska den bli 440 sidor.

      Erland Larsson Det skulle jag gissa att det borde betyda att den bara skulle bli 600 sidor eller så. Jag är klar med början och slu ... Read more

      How did he die?


      I just finished The Girl with th Dragon Tattoo and I am intriqued by the suthor . I found the book excellent. How did he die? What a waste of such a talented man?

      Posted by Janice Keeler in Atlanta Georgia , 2 January 2009 ... Read more

      What is true in the fiction

      It is Larssonn’s style to use narration as a means to denounce social or political issues. Men ho hate women title is one explicit declaration, but many citations inside the books afford also other arguments.

      So what about the Zala and in general, the Sapo story?

      Posted by Trika in PacPal , 18 July 2009

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      Was Stieg a Musician?

      Maybe someone can relate to this. I rarely have time to recreationally read but at the start my vacation waiting in the airport my wife bought me this book. She is a reader and writer (unlike me)and surprised me with the book when sat down in the plane. A 5 hour flight to Maui so why not read for fun. Well my passion is music, I?m a ?percussionist?. I talk and I think in fluctuating tones and tempos which is how this book read for me. I don?t know if Stieg was also a musician but it was his never ending pace and rhythm changes and shifts in his writing style that makes me think he was. It w ... Read more

      What are some of your favourite things about the books?

      I love love love how Stieg Larsson created strong women such as Lisbeth Salander, Erika Berger, Annika Giannini, Sonja Modig and Monica Figuerola.

      Posted by J in Denmark , 11 September 2009

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      the books, i’ve read all 3 now….any chance he could have been writing about a nonfiction subject but was forced to make it fictional due to the inability to confirm sources? lots of reference material in the books..i’ve begun looking up the things he’s mentioned, it’s very interesting.< ... Read more

      so sad he died

      I read the first book a couple of months ago when I was 13 and a few days after I started it, I realized that stieg larsson was DEAD! I’m so sad! especially for Eva Gabriellson who became poor after his death!! and his family is so mean they gave nothing of the money to her. Larsson didn’t ev ... Read more

      A shocked late comer…

      I had never heard of these books until about 2 weeks ago, when a friend recommended he had read them. I bought the trilogy off the net and after struggling initially to get into the first, i was hooked and couldnt put them down! Now i am almost at the end of the last book and am quite sad. I just ... Read more