*for sale* 1st edition / advance readers copy – GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO

      I have an advance readers edition from the publisher (1st edition) which I am willing to sell. Please contact me for details :) ... Read more

      Who is Lisbeth’s father?

      I have read the 3 books, loved them! Just watched the Girl in the Spider Web, movie was great! but who is her father? Have I missed something?? ... Read more

      Mistake in Book 1?

      Lisbeth buys some sleeve (or gaiter?) from Plague which needs to be wrapped around the network cable of the computer she wants to hack. Thus she explains to Mikael. But she never comes physically close to Wennerstroem's computer to actually be able to put on the sleeve/gaiter. Did I miss something ... Read more


      I’d never heard this guy untill page 8 of ‘The Girl who played with fire’ (Maclehose Press, London). Then I looked for him at U-Tube. He’s amazing singing ‘Anita’, ‘Torparrock’, ‘Min Gitarr’ and other songs. There’s also a live performance with driver Kenny Brack. Now I’m ... Read more

      Family Tree

      I purchased The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as an audiobook but this means I didn’t get the family tree that is in the book. Anyone know where I can find the family tree online?

      Posted by Zoe in California , 8 April 2009

      < ... Read more


      stieg larson coffee

      Maybe it’s because I’m also addic ... Read more

      Real things in the books

      But I found some things from the books that are actually true. The PGP e-mail secure program. You can buy/download it by searching on it in google.com There is probobly other things too, but I don’t remember right now.

      Posted by Emil in Denmark , ... Read more

      Entropic chaos factor

      Quote from the book is:

      “Apart from the fact that your not really a dyke. You’re probably bisexual. But most of all your sexual–you like sex and you don’t care about what gender. You’re an entropic chaos factor.”

      What is entropic chaos factor? Please help.

      ... Read more

      Pistols and revolvers

      I’ve just finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, and I enjoyed as much, if not more, than the previous books.

      I suppose I’m nit-picking, but the English translator has committed a very common error in referring to the Sig Sauer 226 and the P-83 Wanad as revolvers. These are ... Read more

      TV episodes?

      I’ve heard about 4 tv episodes 90 min each? Does anyone knows about it? Is there some true in it?

      Posted by barda in são paulo , 7 July 2010

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      2 technical questions

      A few technical questions if I may. How wealthy does 3 billion Sw krona make Lisbeth? In the 2nd book I don’t know if I’m seeing American or Bristol billion. (10 vs 100 million).

      MY guess was approx. 231 million, the price to film a “Transformers” film.

      and that “cuf ... Read more

      UK versus US audiobooks (Hornets Nest)

      Does anybody know why the UK audiobook version of “The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest” read by Saul Reichlin is about 5 hours longer than the US version read by Simon Vance when both versions are meant to be unabridged.

      Even if one narrator reads faster, 5 hours is still a big tim ... Read more

      Loose ends

      What will happen to the members of the now-disbanded Section when they go on tiral? Is Mikael going to court to testify against them? Also, there seems to be some hints that Wadensjoo might turn Crown witness against his former colleagues.

      Posted by An ... Read more

      A 60 minute Christmas Special

      Rereading “The Girl Who Played With Fire” I realized I could script a tight 60 minute short film of the first 68 pages. I would develop the perverse trajectories of both Richard Forbes and Advocat Bjurman in parallel to the the point both realize they realized that they NEED TO KILL THAT BITCH. Lisbeth F.B. Salander and her own dual thread of math quest and tutoring Boy Bland would be a “real time” linear carrier signal. This would allow me to “add” data to Forbes tale to echo the actual details of Bjurman’s transformation in the novel that didn’t make it to the film. The st ... Read more