Lisbeth Salander

      Hornet’s nest questions

      How could they possibly charge salander with attempted murder it being obvious that she had been shot and buried first? they found zala's cigarette butt at the pit, so was this pre DNA testing or did they just forget to do it? and why didn't it occur to the police to check all of zala's properties w ... Read more

      Where does all the money go.

      Have I missed something? Just started 'Spiders Web' and we're told Lisbeth stole 5billion kronor (£400million), at the end of 'Hornets Nest' we're told she deposited $2.4billion (£1.9billion).Goof? ... Read more

      1st Edition, 1st Printings.

      Would any fans be able to direct me to where I could purchase a true First Edition, First Printing of the original three novels, in their original Swedish language? An appropriate bookseller maybe? Thank you all. ... Read more

      Inside the Mind of Lisbeth Salander

      Lisbeth Salander ’s Unique Psychiatric Profile

      There is a similar Lisbeth Salander in my life, so I know first-hand how complex this character is. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on their thought processes, they behave or think in opposition to your expectations. Sometimes these people look like pretty flowers, but when you try to pic ... Read more




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      Lisbeth Salander

      What did Lisbeth have written on her t-shirt in The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo?

      Posted by Mike Cooky in BLB Germany , 26 January 2009

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      Her sister Camilla

      Do we ever find out what happens to Camilla, the sister who “cooperated” with the police?

      Posted by Millie in Oakland , 16 June 2010

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      My Only Problem

      I loved the 3 books. My only problem was when Lisbeth solved Fermat’s last theorem as she crouched in woods plotting how to kill her father. That was overegging it a tad I feel.

      Posted by Liam in Bray , 3 Mars 2010

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      Why is she so messed up?

      Did I miss something about “All the Evil”? Granted, what happened to Lisbeth was bad (witnessing the verbal, physical, and emotional abuse of her mother by her father … attempts to kill her father … being strapped & isolated in a psychiatric hospital, not having authority figures listen to her), but other people in the books (for example, the women damaged by the sex trade and Helen V.) had worse things happen to them, and they don’t appear to end up as messed up as Lisbeth. I mean, Helen (do I have the right name?) was raped by her brother and recruited to murder by her father wh ... Read more

      why did she get the tattoo

      I’m into book three and just can’t remember when and why she got the dragon tattoo??

      Posted by mindy in baltimore , 17 July 2010

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      the forgotten car

      The car she semi-stole from her employer, Milton security, by using the codes of a employer at a vacation. I think the carpool would end up missing it… and then as they figure out where it is (Zalas home), sallys lil secret would be a bit more evident.

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      Lizbeth is very brave girl. After I’ve read bookes and reviewd movies I almost started to have dezire to hit sadists with golf club like she did. She had no fear to fight the enemy. Author compare her in the book with Amazon warriors, women who fought centuries ago. She fights her father with n ... Read more

      Lisbeth nicknames help!

      Hi! I would like to know every Lisbeth nicknames and their meanings. For example I can obviously remeber “wasp” (she’s “agile” like a wasp, wasp tattoo, wasp enterprises and wasp as hacker name). I know “sally” but I can’t remember its meaning. I read about “pippi” on this sit ... Read more

      Lisbeth’s social “issues”

      Many times people who read the book, they say that Lisbeth can not function in a normal society. I think that Lisbeth can in fact function in a normal society, she just doesn’t care about fitting everybody else’s vision of “normal”. Anyone agree?

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      Salander gets under your skin – I know her….. but I don’t

      Posted by Brodie in Colwyn Bay, Wales , 13 September 2009

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      Froking Salander…

      I adore Lizbeth Salander. After I’ve read her books and watched the movies it I have desire to smack sadists with a golf club..she was a fighter. The author compares her to women-warriors in Amazon centuries ago. Lizbeth transformed to current time and has no fear for her enemy who no doubt get ... Read more


      Do you think that Stieg Larsson should have included Camilla (Lisbeth’s twin sister) in the story? I’m not sure if should have or not, because there were already a whole bunch of great characters so… i don’t know…

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      Lisbeth Salander Gear

      You can find all the gear Lisbeth Salander wore in the books and movies at and

      Posted by Deuschle in Chicago , 5 January 2012

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      All the evil

      I don’t understand what all the evil means… Lisbeth’s father abused her mom, but why do they call it like that in the book? its just weird.

      Posted by charlotte in canada , 12 November 2011

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      what mistake lisabeth made?

      What mistake did Lisabeth make that allowed kalle B. to deduce that she appropriated the gangsters money?

      Posted by Spooner in USA , 26 May 2011

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      Lisbeth Salander Tattoo

      Why Lisbeth Salander made this tatto ?

      Kisses .

      Posted by Júlia Alves in Rio de Janeiro , 17 Mars 2011

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      Morality of Lisbeth Salander

      I was upset to find in the movie of Dragon a scene where Mikael asks Lisbeth if she let Martin burn under the flaming car whether she could have saved him and she answered “yes”. This is not characteristic of Lisbeth whom both Armansky and Blomkvist describe as a “a very moral person”. This did not happen in the book and should not have happened in the movie. Even if she DID want to save him she could not have moved a quite heavy man from under a burning car.

      Lisbeth is very moral, which is why she cares so much about violence towards women. When she says to Mikael in the ... Read more

      Refresh my memory please

      Why did Lisbeth go to the apartment of the couple murdered in Stockholm? They were murdered shortly after she left…but I cannot remember why or what brought her to visit and I gave away the books to a friend to read.

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      What about the implants?

      What do you think about the breast implants? I don’t think that was necessary, she didn’t strike me as someone who would care about that.

      Posted by Petra in Kempten , 20 November 2010

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