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      How to earn more with your restaurant easily

      Hello, If you had to find a way to earn more how would you do it ? - More advertising ? - More innovative dishes ? - Make more cutlery ? There is a much easier way... And I've already helped Starbucks, McDonald's and Food Panda implement it. This solution is to have a menu that optimizes the spending of each customer ! Imagine earning an extra 10$ for each place setting... How much would that be ? With 100 place settings per month you would earn 1000$ more ! With 500 place settings per month you would earn 5000$ more ! With 1000 place settings per month you wou ... Read more

      Hornets nest ebook?

      Is there an ebook version of the 3rd Millenium book?

      Posted by Mike S(UK) in Guisborough , 17 October 2009

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      The Girl with the Dragon Tatyoo

      How about Lisbeth’s love to Mikael Blomkvist

      Posted by Cindy in Saint Louis MO , 3 April 2013

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      What all langages books were translated into

      Posted by Cindy i St. Louis MO , 23 Mars 2013

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      czech books

      I was wondering if anone knew where in canada i can find the books in their czech versions or where i can order them online.


      Posted by Jacob Bukacek in Oakville, ontario, Canada , 8 December 2011

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