I really dont know what to make of these books, i read the dragon tattoo like a madwoman i had to know what happened and then the last couple of chapters seemed to peter out and i wasnt very satisfied with the ending, it all seemed rushed

i will grant that i didnt have the next installment right there to dive into but when i did get my hands on it again i read and read and read and again i was dissapointed by the end, i realise i should read the final book but i really dont think i can be bothered when the first two have let me down, at times in the second it was just downright dull.

has anyone else felt a bit mixed, at the moment im just reading that people loved/hated it? and should i read the final book?

Posted by Sarah in Portsmouth, UK , 18 July 2012

By Editor

5 thoughts on “Cant make my mind up”
  1. It’s up to you. Personally I enjoyed (and still am) the books so much.

    Posted by Quill in Awkland ,

  2. Read the final book! The trilogy is flawed in places – but its worth it!

    Posted by Liz in Sweden ,

  3. If you’re looking for the continuous action and tension found in many “quick reads”, then I can understand your disappointment at times. On the other hand, taking the time to describe the complex politics behind the scenes made the plot and characters more complex and real. The 3 books were the first eBooks I ever read, and I couldn’t put them down! Too bad we didn’t get more from Steig Larsson!

    Posted by alex_jones_authtwitter.com in Waterloo, ON Canada ,

  4. These books are in no way milti-layered or complicated. what they are is under-researched, exploitative trash. Larsson is a rubbish writer. Try Thomas Harris instead, for well-researched, airtight plots with brilliant writing

    Posted by FR in Ireland ,

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