Can anyone help me please?

Pls, can anyone post a link to the article written by the great Peruvian Nobel Prize winning Author, Mario Vargas Llosa for French magazine El Pais. There he praised the Millenieum series. But I can only seem to get snippets of it. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Charles in London , 2 December 2011

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  1. Don’t think I can post a link here but if you Google “vargas llosa el pais millenium” it should be the first hit

    Posted by John in Wicklow ,

  2. Thanks so much John. I’ve seen it and read it with google translate. It was kind of hard but I think I understood what he was saying: the books are FANTASTIC. He also said that it has its flaws but no great novel is perfect. I like the way he ended the article by welcoming Lisbeth Salander to the IMMORTALITY OF FICTION. Seriously, no one can deny that Lisbeth is a great character. Thanks again.

    Posted by Charles in London ,

  3. After read your posts I cannot wait to read the novels or watch the movies; which is the best way: first the movies or the books?

    Just a note: ‘El País’ is a spanish newspaper, not french. And it’s the most read newspaper in spanish all over the world

    Posted by David Díaz in Madrid, Spain ,

  4. where I could buy the english version of the swedish movie (1st and 2nd) of the millennium serie. I just purchased the last last movie “the Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

    Posted by Sal Romano in Edmonton, Canada ,

  5. You can buy all three online from Movies Unlimited. Full four DVD version. The three movies and a two hour plus DVD with biography of Stieg Larsson, interview with Noomi Rapace and cast and crew.

    Movies are your choice of Swedish or English. Excellent boxed set. We cherish ours.

    Posted by Snowbunnie in Surrey, Canada ,

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