Do you think that Stieg Larsson should have included Camilla (Lisbeth’s twin sister) in the story? I’m not sure if should have or not, because there were already a whole bunch of great characters so… i don’t know…

Posted by charlotte in canada , 9 August 2012

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  1. She was apparently going to be a major character later on in the series (he had planned about 10 books), so we would have gotten to know more about her if Stieg hadn’t died.

    Posted by Rachael in Toronto ,

  2. I would love to read about Camilla, and that’s the reason I would like to read the fourth book, as we already know all about Salander.

  3. I also want to know more about the gene’s of this particular family. The brother had the “no pain” condition, and was sort of mentally challanged, much the same way Lizbeth was socially challanged. O Mr. Larsson, I mourn your death.

    Posted by in Wausau Wi USA ,

  4. While I wondered if Camilla would be brought into the books at any point while I was reading them, I had little desire to meet her or read anything further about her. Stieg Larsson’s description of her was that she was willing to turn a blind eye to her father’s abuse of her mother, and she probably grew up to be one of the uninvolved automatonic conformists of our society–a stepford wife if there ever was one.

    Posted by rickbull in Nashville ,

  5. It’s dangerous to blame the young Camilla in hindsight, who was just as much a victim as Lisbeth. I love the Lizbeth character, but burning the abuser wasn’t any better a solution to their problems than her sister’s.

    Posted by Janice in Victoria Texas ,

  6. As it is pointed out in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, it was the government who failed to protect Lisbeth, Camilla and their mother, Agnetta, from an abusive partner. The 12-year-old girls each did what they could to protect themselves, but as children, they are not responsible for their actions in the same way as an adult would be.

    Posted by Janice in Victoria Texas ,

  7. I tend to think that Lisbeth’s solution WAS better than Camilla’s. The gasoline and the match stopped the abuse, albeit too late.

    Posted by rickbull in Nashville ,

  8. I too suspect that Larsson had some plan for Camilla.

    I would love to have seen an exploration of a character with the same genes as Lisbeth, the same experiences in childhood but with different responses to being a victim — she denied reality and sought conventional appearances.

    Fertile ground for someone who created a truly indelible and unique character who has stayed with me for years

    Posted by John Ross in Oakland, CA USA ,

  9. While we’ll never know for sure I kind of thought that Camilla was sexually abused by her father and also the mother of the mentally challenged brother.

    Posted by Trish in Washington, DC ,

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