The original title for book one was ‘Men Who Hate Women’ and the original title for book 3 was ‘The Air Castle That Was Blown Up’..

Posted by Vas in Washington DC , 12 September 2011

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  1. I am glad the titles were changed. The current ones have more appeal because it piques one’s curiosity. A title so blatant as ‘Men Who Hate Women’ might have not been as popular. Before I read any of the books and was interested in reading them, I found the titles really interesting.

    Posted by EV in Massachusetts ,

  2. the new titles are way more attractive and appropriate.i’m glad they have been changed because the title says alot about a book.what persuaded me to read the books was partially the interesting titles.

    Posted by trinity ,

  3. I don’t really see the connection of the old titles with the novels itself. Good thing they’re changed.

    Posted by Nicolette in Tri-State Area ,

  4. The old titles are completely appropriate to the books. In the middle of recess from Salander’s trial, Mikael tells his sister, “I told you you’d be unbeatable. When it comes down to it, this story is not primarily about spies and secret government agencies; it’s about violence against women, and the men who enable it…”

    This is where the books blatantly state where the title would come from.

    The Air Castle that was Blown up would refer to the Zalachino club of sapo that considered itself above all other power and was literally in the top of a building that was so old it could have been a castle. When everything came down, it was as if their whole operation “castle” was blown up.

    I still like the two titles much better but it is not as if the other titles didn’t take some thought and effort to create.

    Posted by in Anna in Chicago ,

  5. I really like the original titles because it is predominantly something you wouldn’t expect from a crime novel but somehow it just clicks.

    Posted by Connor in Leeds ,

  6. godwulf

    Sure its great if the altered titles draw more people in but honestly it was very disrespectful of them to change the titles. Yup, you’re right in the “Afterword” book that I have (the one that’s filled with emails from Stieg) he states plenty of times that he absolutely wanted his choice of titles to stick.

    Posted by Ashtray Wasp in New Zealand ,

  7. The publisher apparently tried to talk Larsson into changing the first book’s title, but he was adamant. I guess it’s a shame, in a sense, that he didn’t get his way in the long run…but if the revised title draws in more readers, and those readers are affected and perhaps educated as a result (in addition to being greatly entertained), that’s really the important thing, isn’t it?

    Posted by godwulfAZ in Scottsdale, Arizona ,

  8. I do not understand why the first book was called The girl with the dragon tattoo – Salander had a number of tattoos – all which aapeared to have a meaning. I think more of this would have become clear in any later books as more of Salander’s story became clear. I think the original title of the 3rd book is more figurative than the published one.

    Posted by DB Marquis in Johannesburg ,

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