I’m currently reading the girl with the dragon tattoo and I’m just at the beginning of chapter 24. Blomkvist has realized that Martin was saw by her sister on the day of her disappearance. How does blomkvist knows that. I mean I know that he found some pictures from a woman that took some on her honeymoon but it says that they where blurry. And then just before he goes to see Martin, he is on Henrik house and finds one photo of Martin. But that photo is from the day after her disappearance. Can someone explain me how he got his conclusion? Thanx

Posted by Manuel in Lima, Peru , 24 January 2011

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  1. Yeah but it’s not described for the first pic. If it does can you please tell me where it says, at least in which chapter

    Posted by Manuel in Lima, Peru ,

  2. When Blomkvist examined the blurry picture taken by the honeymoon couple, the author described that a man wearing a padded dark jacket with red patch on shoulder was staring at the direction of the camera (Chapter 21 middle part). In the picture of Martin, he was wearing the same jacket.

  3. also, blomkvist was looking at Henrik’s family album while he was in the hospital. The housekeep Anna was actually the one who told Blomkvist that the man in the red padded jacket was Martin.

    Posted by tiez in Edmonton, AB canada ,

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