I don’t get the part about Bjurman’s profile, with him being a member of Greenpeace. How was that related to him being seen as an upstanding Swedish citizen?

Posted by Haydee in Manila , 31 May 2013

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  1. I thought Bjurman was well drawn in that he shows how each of us has a “dark side” that in his case, was brought out when Bjurman realized that Lisbeth was “a sitting duck” who was not able to defend herself and that no one would come to her aid. He was abjectly humiliated when she refused to be his victim and retaliated so effectively.

    Lisbeth did not, at that time understand that Zalachenko was untouchable and that his secrets would be protected at any cost. She just knew that she was on her own–defencless in ordinary terms.

    Bjurman knew that because he had been on site when Zala was first taken into the Swedish intelligence system. He knew she was without recourse.

    It was too much for him to deny his own “dark side” which was his hatred of women, of his resentment of his own desire for them, frustrated too often and always not quite up to the task of being in a relationship with them.

    That he was “liberal but to a degree” as Bob Dylan said in one of his songs is part of the portrait of men hating women. (referring to Larsson’s original title for the book).

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