How did Lizzie figure out the link between the two even before meeting with Dag Svensson? It was this which sparked off the whole chain of murders and the unravelling of the Section in the next book.

Sure, she knew that Bjurman met the blonde hulk (Niedermann, actually her half-brother) and the latter had connections to the Svavelsjo bikies. The question is how did she find out that Niedermann was Zalachenko’s representative at that early stage?

Posted by Andrew Situ in Fremantle , 14 December 2010

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  1. For the initial question, she is a smart girl. She knew Bjurman wasn’t her guardian by accident. She knew in had to be related to the initial ‘Zala’ cover up. She may not have known the whole truth to how they were linked but she had worked out enough to know that they were.

    I am unable to remember your second question. I’m starting my second read now.

    Posted by SC in Perth ,

  2. I just finished the book 10 minutes ago and had exactly the same question. I read some parts of the book again and this is what I found out, (although I was not fully satisfied):

    When she is reading through Svensson’s notes about Zala, Nieminen (one of the bikers)s) pops up has having been supplied weapons from Zala in a robbery in 1996.

    I still think it is a bit fart fetched that she immediately draws the conclusion that Bjurman and Zala must be connected just because they both appeared linked to a scumbag like Nieminen. It could just be pure coincidence, Zala;s connection for instance was a long time ago. And there is nothing stating that she suspected Bjurman wasn’t her guardian by accident.

    However, interestingly enough, (at least on the version I read), the author gives the idea she comes to Svensson’s 100% there is a connection, she just needed to know what that is…

    Posted by Francisco ,

  3. She had read Svensson’s manuscript which name Bjorck. And after meeting Svensson, she figures out the connections.

    Posted by kelly in india ,

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