How did Lizabeth know that the bikers were after Niedermann? She was in hospital when he killed the biker’s brother.

Posted by gillean666 in Birmingham , 4 May 2013

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  1. Lizbeth was looking for Niederman for a long time She was looking through the paper work at Bjorks summer cabin when two bikers showed up. She had to attack them first before they would..I am not very is mentioned in the Girl who kicked the hornets nest

    when she was about to punish Niederman for all the murders and crimes he did to innocent..but she calls bikers and deletes evidence of her phone call..

    Posted by Cindy in St. Louis MO ,

  2. If anyone curious how you can find out about what’s going on..this is what internet is for. It was nearly impossible for Lizbeth to have connection to the Internet. I think she asked her doctor to use his cell and she called Miche.. Blomkvist thought about it for a while untill he understood there is no way she can win trial without computer. He finds a guy from oversees.. He researches his arrival and timebeing in Sweden..he hires him and pays really high salary for that kind of work he was doing for Miche..He was part of the cleaning team in the hospital where Lizbeth was staying and all he had to do is to recharge battery and hide it in the air conditioner vent as often as he could do that for the computer Blomkvist brought for Lizbeth to the Salgrenska Hospital where she was staying guarded with the swedish police..I think this is how Lizbeth find out that the bikers were after Niederman since she was in the hospital when he killed the bikers brother.. Also she helped Erica Burger to find stalker

    by hacking into suspects computer who worked in Erica’s office and he stalked her because he couldn’t handle highschool crash on her..


    Posted by Cindy in St. Louis MO ,

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