Best books ever

Posted by Stuart in America , 3 August 2011

By Editor

5 thoughts on “Best Read”
  1. Iv recently just finished them, and I concur I thought they were amazing, soo original. I loved the court room bit with the psychiatrist.

  2. I also enjoyed the part in the court room.

    They missed so much in the film especially the bit about tattoo’s which I enjoyed.

    Posted by Pete ,

  3. Halfway through Nest, and refuse to finish it. Read only a few pages at a time. Hate the fact that there are no more after this one. Looking forward to Lisbeth making fools of Sapo in court.

    Posted by Ted in Sanibel ,

  4. You lucky beast Ted. Savor every word, that third book is damn good. For the first time in my life I may have to read a book for the second time. I do not want my last memories of “Nest” to be the film. As Pete says ” they missed so much”.

    Posted by Dragonfly in England ,

  5. would love to learn Swedish, so I could re-read them in the original sad that Lisbeth is gone, no more..

    Posted by Vas in Washington DC ,

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