Was it ever mentioned in the book if Erika recalled why her colleague at SMP (Fredriksson) was out to get her?

She didn’t seem to recall anything about harming him in high school. Plus, when Linder beat up Fredriksson in his home, he didn’t give a reason either. Any explanations?

Posted by Ash in CA , 18 January 2012

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  1. Well from what I gathered it was for the simple reason that she never noticed or payed him any mind when they were in school, like he didnt exist, when in reality he was quite and just not a noticable guy..she never did anything wrong. But none the less he formed a grudge for her because of that and held it ever since, then took advantage of things when she went to work at SMP. Hope that helps.

    Posted by M. in Louisiana ,

  2. He liked her in high school but to she never noticed him. He was just another kid that wasn’t part of her group. And then when she came to work at SMP, she didn’t even remember him from school which infuriated him. She treated him like just another guy and he didn’t like that she didn’t want him.

    Posted by Beckie in Australia ,

  3. actually, it would not change his voice….he is no longer in puberty. Also, it would be laborious if she had done that. It would take weeks of him being tied up unable to take it off for it to work. She would have to repeatedly come back to feed him or it would be murder. She wouldn’t want those kind of problems.

    Posted by L in Missouri ,

  4. The reason for the stalker is so Salander and Berger could become friends. Awful awful writing. Such a shame that professional writers don’t sell as many books as the hack Stieg Larsson. What does that say about people who buy this rubbish?

    Posted by CM in Dublin, Ireland ,

  5. CM if you think Stieg is such a waste of space then i wonder why you are devoting time to this page??

    Posted by mandy in england ,

  6. Just read this again. It’s probably me because I don’t read the usual ‘formula’ airport shop books or booker prize-winners but this last in the TGWTDT series is the best book I’ve read bar none. OK I see Salander as Noomi Rapace in the best role in her career but I love the complex and totally realistic writing (perhaps those who think his writing is awful prefer poetry). In fact so realistic that I’m prepared to believe that Larsson used the series to describe a very real Swedish secret ‘section’ he was investigating which he suspected was behind the Olof Palme assassination. Palme opposed the Vietnam war and offered sanctuary to US deserters which must have incensed the US military so perhaps US and Swedish sections joined forces. Yes, fantasy but most ‘democratic’ countries have secret ‘sections’ to deal with perceived threats that the courts can’t deal with. To pursue the notion it would be consistent to suspect that Larsson was feared as a sufficient threat to warrant a ‘heart attack’ elimination. There, something to think about!

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