Average detective story

I quite liked the book in general, it is compulsive reading material. However, the first 200 and the last 100 pages were boring. The whole Wennerstrom line of the story was unrealistic and unattractive. The main story was interesting but very predictable. It was clear from the beginning that Harriet used to be abused by her father, that she had killed him and finally ran away. There were so many hints to that. It was also clear that there were more than a single criminal in the family. In fact I expected that roughly the whole family was involved (at least that they knew!). That turned out not to be the case. Strange. And also, the subject was not very original I constantly had kind of deja-vu feeling and I also think that writing about sex (violence) is more a good marketing strategy than social criticism or whatever the reviewers might think. To wrap it up, I would recommend the book as a good holiday reading but there is really nothing so exceptional about it and I trully do not understand the international hysteria linked to it.

Helena M.-K. i Prague
Submitted: 7 July 2010

By Editor

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