Are there Russian translations?

My wife would really like to know if there are Russian translations of these excellent novels for her to get her mother who only speaks Russian.

Posted by Mirage in Reno, NV, USA , 22 November 2009

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3 thoughts on “Are there Russian translations?”
  1. I saw Stiegs widow in Swedish television last Sunday. She said that the books will be published in Russia soon.

    Posted by L E ,

  2. Hello Ira, i watched a Russian translation of part 3. Name of it is different from one on book.

    Do you know the names of the part 1 & 2 movies of Russian translation?

    Posted by MrK in San Francisco, USA ,

  3. The first two books are already published…Im waiting for the 3rd!!!

    Posted by Ira in Moscow ,

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