anyone who did the milleniumtrilogy walkingtour in Stockholm?

My name is Rosalie Hoyer and im a student on the Erasmus university in Rotterdam (Holland, the Netherlands)

Im looking for people who have done the Millenium walking tour in Stockholm.

This year im doing my master thesis about media tourism: the phenomenon of people visiting locations that are related to famous novels, films or TV serials.

I have chose to do my thesis about the experience of tourists who have done this millennium tour.

If you have done this tour you can email me on I will ask you some easy questions about your experience of this tour. Every response will help me a lot!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you in advance,

Yours sincerely,

Rosalie Hoyer

Posted by Rosalie in Rotterdam , 6 July 2011

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3 thoughts on “anyone who did the milleniumtrilogy walkingtour in Stockholm?”
  1. Yes, I did. It is a clever way of getting tourists to visit a section of Stockholm neglected by the travel guides. Yet, Soderhalm is where ordinary Swedish families live, work, eat and spend their weekends. Just keep reminding yourself that they are fictional characters and although the sights are very interesting, the characters did not ever exist there!

    Posted by M Holloway in Cobourg, ON , 14 August 2011

  2. In this time and era I would expect someone to post a Millenium tour in Google earth, with pics and all.

    Maybe there is one already?

    Posted by Tom in Tel Aviv, Israel ,

  3. I read the last book on an iPad and enjoyed flipping between the book and Google maps to locate scenes. I have visited relatives in Sweden several times and could picture some of the places, but using the “street view” feature really enhanced the experience.

    Posted by Deborah in Barnard, VT ,

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