I love love love the Lisbeth Salander series. Has anyone read any other books by any other authors that are just as good? I need something new to read that is just as captivating and enjoyable of a read.

Thanks everyone!!

Posted by VMB in Canada , 10 September 2009

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25 thoughts on “Any similar series?”
  1. Lisbeth will be the nerd hero and alter ego for many of us. There will only be one Larsson so I guess we must move on to other literary greats able to create such inspirational characters.

    Posted by Soleniska in New Haven ,

  2. Tina –

    Am a great fan of the “Black Jewels Trilogy” – just been re-reading it – as well as of Larsson, but have never put them together before. The settings could hardly be more different – but perhaps the heroines would have seen something of themselves in each other!

    Posted by Symes in Newcastle-u-Tyne ,

  3. Dunno if you can call them ‘similar’ – but if we are talking hi-octane, swedish fiction with a larger-than-life main character, I recommend the ‘Hamilton’ series by Jan Gillou… they are highly addictive and there are lots of them.

    Posted by Hem in Denmark ,

  4. First of all… I realize this post is pretty old…but I hope you didn’t read the Follet books about the church building. I mean, c’mon! No espionage, no real action…no guns… READ THIS: The Knowledge of Good And Evil by Glen Klier. It’s fast paced, lots of technology and an evil organization chasing the heros. THAT book will get you closer to a Lisbeth experience than just about anything else. Plus… you get to go all over the world with them.

    Posted by Melinda Lu in Seattle ,

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