Anonymous emails threatening to Erika Berger

I have watched the third film of Millennium trilogy and there’s one thing that I didn’t understand at the end.

When Erika Berger received two anonymous emails and someone broke her window of her house, Mikael Blomkvist told to her that he had told Pesta to look for who did that.

But in the end, after the trial, she appears in the office of Millennium like nothing happened and everything is solved.

Anyone knows who was the author of the anonymous emails?


Posted by Laura in Barcelona(Spain) , 6 December 2010

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7 thoughts on “Anonymous emails threatening to Erika Berger”
  1. I don’t understand either. in the book it was a whole different story, but in the movie it wasn’t resolved.

    Posted by DJ Jablonski ,

  2. in the movie it’s suppossed to be sapo putting pressure on millenium to stop publishing the magazine, that is why they send the emails and finally send the two killers to the restaurant, where they are caught

  3. Assistant Editor Fredriksson SMP wrote the letters..they went to hs together…he had long time love for her..she did not reciprocate. had shrine to her in his apartment. Suzanne Linder of Milton solved the crime…..books are soooo much better than movies

    Posted by Chap in Greenwich ,

  4. Folks, there is a major difference between the book and the movie. In the book it’s like Chap says. In the movie, however, Erika never leaves Millennium to start as editor in chief at SMP (a fictional daily paper resembling Svenska Dagbladet). The anynomous threads seem to scare the hell out of Erika so that she wants to stop Millennium to run the Salander story (in the film, that is!). I think the movie thereby distorts the Berger character. Also what happens in the court room (e.g. when Teleborian testified) was messed up in the movie. All in all, I think the third movie is the least skillfully done adaption of the books.

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt, Germany ,

  5. Yes, I think Erika was given short shrift in the movies. She is a good character, and central to the books, but in the movies she’s little more than a shadow, an afterthought.

    Posted by Linnea in Minneapolis, MN ,

  6. what is there so strange the mails came from 1 of the persons who was also in the ” section ” the independed group

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