An American Perspective

Mikael Blomkvist, in his guise as an ethical and talented reporter, embodies the next phase of human evolution. The millennium trilogy presents the triumph of human rights and constitutional law over criminality and lawlessness, both inside and outside of government.

The wild card variable in this hopeful equation is the warrior-victim Lisbeth Salander, spawned of cold war evil and oppression and meeting both with appropriate violence, stubborn silence and extremely effective action. She brings to light to those who would hide in darkness. Despite her youthful appearance and diminutive stature, she stands head and shoulders, intellectually, morally and physically, over her oppressors.

This unique work of fiction, written during the Neanderthal Bush-Cheney presidency, asserts the ascendancy of democracy over our base animal instincts. It upholds standards of freedom, dignity and respect for each individual member of society to which our Constitution aspired but which we have yet to achieve. The courtroom scenes at the end of book III are the clear and climactic illustration of these pervasive principals.

?We will.? these novels declare. Dedicated and decent human beings will win out, eventually, over the anachronistic monsters who secretly dwell, diseased and dying yet still able to inflict great harm, on both sides of every society.

The name Millennium is no accident. Larsson lived just long enough to point us towards a future worth striving for.

Biblio Baggins
Submitted: 9 Mars 2010

By Editor

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