American movie question?

Okay so I went to see the American version after seeing the Swedish one and readIng all the books first but in the American version do you guys remember Mikael or lisbeth herself mentioning she had a photograph memory?

I remember her reading some articles and she said, “I got it.” pointing at her her head

Posted by Wasp in Virginia , 10 Mars 2012

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  1. I agree with Joyce, the American version was better. And I loved that Fincher doesn’t think that audiences are done and have to explain everything piece by piece. Noomi played a great Lisbeth but Mara is Lisbeth. And I loved seeing Craig play the the female lead. He’s played a homosexual before but to give straight on no Dustin Hoffman’ Tootsie female lead is fantastic. He just amazes me as an actor.

    Posted by sonya in new britian ,

  2. American version rules, I saw both, Swedish was weak in comparison. One major screw up was in the SV they knew the office was bugged, shortly after she gets a phone call and openly talks about the meeting at the restaurant??? WTF was that, like we wouldn’t notice??

    Posted by Guy in Maui Hawaii ,

  3. Although I have yet to see the Swedish version of TGWTDT, I saw the Hollywood version…and was very disappointed. Had I not read the book first I would not have been able to follow the disjointed and inexplicable storyline of the movie. The Hollywood version made only a feeble and inadequate attempt to explain the storyline and the characters, focussing, as usual, mostly on the action while making no attempt to reveal or explain Lisbeth’s character and taking wild liberties with changes to the storyline. The movie was difficult to follow. My advice is to read the book first.

    Posted by Jean Ferguson in Toronto, Canada ,

  4. I just saw the Swedish version of TGWTDT. The American version is true and from the book. Mara too is Lisbeth’s description, i.e. she’s anorexic, small in stature and doesn’t speak too much. Noomi is so muscular and athletic-looking. Also in the Swedish version, why was it that she broke her laptop by involving herself in a brawl? I don’t remember that in the book. The American version is accurate.

    Posted by RAMojica in Virginia ,

  5. Hean Ferguson, I just watched the movie…never read any of the books. I had absolutely no trouble figuring out the storyline and thought the movie itself was amazing. Plan on reading the books now.

    Posted by Mike in Wisconsin ,

  6. Honestly both movies are good because they both offer something the other didn’t have and I don’t think people should hate one or the other because honestly they’re both pretty great.

    Posted by Wasp in Stockholm ,

  7. I thought that the Swedish movie was horrible. I couldn’t stand it. Firstly, the actress who played Salander looked too old, and was too muscular. Secondly, the characters did not have the same report as they had in the book, or the American movie. I blame this on the bastardisation of the scene when Blomquvist first confronts Salander with bagels and coffee. This is a well written scene that etablishes alot about both characters, and is where the chemistry is ignited. The American film acknowledges the significance of this scenes in regards to establishing the characters, whereas the Swedish movie changes it to in order to drive the plot forward. This is a huge mistake. Secondly, Mikaels daughter works out the riddle of the names/bible versus, in the book, not Salander. I hated that the Swedish movie did this. Thirdly, Blomqusvist is a dick in the Swedish films. No intesity, and judgemental is a way the the literary Salander would not touch him with a barge poll. I can understand that directors have to take some elements of the novel out to put together a 2 film, but some of it was clumsy and unnecessary. I really don’t understand how anyone whose read the books could like the Swedish films.

    Posted by Dave in London ,

  8. no, it wasn’t mentioned. that’s one of the things i did not like abt the new movie. coz in the book and swedish film, lisbeth was not proud of her photographic memory. she even said she was a freak for being that way. in the new film, she acted differently.

    Posted by polapoi in chicago ,

  9. I just finished reading TGWTDT. To do justice to such a great story, a movie would have to be 4-5 hours long. For people who have only seen the movie: Read the book!

    Posted by Dave in Emerald Triangle ,

  10. Yes there were many little irksome moments in both movies where I guess the screen writers had to put their stamp on the script…Although the American version stuck to the book more closely the movie that plays in my mind would be a combination of the two.

    Posted by hilogreg in Hawaii ,

  11. was the original picture of harriet, the one shown to mikael, actually roonie?

    Posted by david sullivan in rumford ,

  12. I’ve seen both movies and both have taken different approaches on the book. But my vote is for the swedish version. The american version has Lisbeth talking entirely to much.

    Posted by Jenny in Atlanta ,

  13. I agree with Jenny in Atlanta. My vote too is for the Swedish version.

    Posted by Snowbunnie in Surrey, Canada ,

  14. I don’t agree. I like the American version way better. I think it did the book justice far more than the Swedish version. Certainly like the way Mara played it. More depth I have to say.

    Posted by joyce in new york ,

  15. Sorry Joyce Mara Rooney was good and the American version was truer and better….but she doesn’t match up to Noomi’s Lizbeth. Replace just personifies Larsson’s Salander and to me her characterization saved the Swedish version from mediocrity of made up storylines and weak editing….although the American version didn’t help itself by merging Anita/Harriet characters at the end.

    Posted by hilogreg in Hawaii ,

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