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  1. Wow, that’s a very short post!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Swedish movies and am not really in need of an American/Hollywood version, but I would go to see the first one when it came out just out of curiosity and if it didn’t suck and they made a second and third movie I’d go see them too.

    Posted by Michelle in Amsterdam ,

  2. I would imagine a trilogy like the Jason Bourne movies. Smart and dark. I’m in the states and so haven’t been able to view the Swedish version yet. In my 3rd read through GWPWF right now. Awaiting the 3rd book. I’m not in the film business at all, but I’m wondering if anyone is working on an American screenplay? Has anyone bought rights to the films here?

    Posted by Lisa in Detroit ,

  3. DearEveryone,

    I have seen the Swedish version of the first book, and liked it very much. I don’t think an American version would add much to that–but when the actors are finished with filming the American versiom, I’ll judge for myself. A lot of foreign movies ‘retranslated’ in American film don’t have the same punch. So, I am doubtful of the American version. The actress who played Salander in the Swedish film did a wonderful job in the role…


    Posted by Tina Loflin in Salisbury, NC ,

  4. I find it amusing that novels can take us places that the movie screen never could,and all without special effects or dramatic music.

    Posted by Buck in Montgomery ,

  5. I am absolutely satisfied with the Swede movie version of the books. The ONLY reason I will watch the new American movie is I adore Stellan Skarsgard. That is the only draw for me. Heavy sighs from Orlando

    Posted by caymandj in Florida ,

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