“All the Evil” has a prequel!

As you know, Lisbeth refers to her rupture with her father and the ensuing institutional hell as “All the Evil”.

But what is now so well known is that Stieg Larsson as a Swedish socialist worked in a tradition of Swedish Socialists writers who used detective fiction as programs of social investigation. First was Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo who wrote a series of 10 books like “The Laughing Policeman”in the 60s and 70s. Then cam Henning Mankell who’s Wallender books span the 90s and earlu 2000.

It is in his book “The White Lioness” he refers to “all the evil” on page 378 referring to a residence used by a secret government cabal who had imprisoned a young girl.

In the book The White Lioness is a symbol of the untamed nature of retribution as a female wild beast!

Posted by Leo Rivers in Cottage Grove Oregon , 30 Mars 2012

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2 thoughts on ““All the Evil” has a prequel!”
  1. Unfortunately buggery and rape are about dominance and control not sex, as we all know. My question has always been WHY? I had four drakes who actually pinned down and anally penetrated a fourth lame drake. I rescued the fellow, of course, but it made me wonder. Is there a gene that predisposes a male to such behavior? We also know that this goes on in the monkey tribe. How can we women defend ourselves against such behavior?

    Lisbeth Salander gives us some excellent ideas. A stun gun is a good non-lethal means of defense. Nothing is perfect. Situational vigilance must be maintained. BTW. whoever translated Tattoo used “taser” when they should have said “stun gun” -different devices.

    Thank you so much, Leo Rivers, for your information on Henning Mankell’s Wallender books, esp: the reference to The White Lioness.

    I am 70 years old, recently found S.L., know abuse from the inside out. You live within driving distance of me. I would like to “be your pen-pal”. I,m a card-carrying member of the National Honor Society and can put one thought in front of another.

    Won’t pester you. Whaddya say? Husband and I like self defense and whimsy, etc.

    Posted by Sandy McCaig-Allen in Arlington, Washington, USA ,

  2. Just wanted to say that I don’t think it’s inherent in male humans to kill, rape or commit other violent acts. I think it’s learned societal conditioning and societal indifference to the consequences of these actions that perpetuate the cycle of abuse and rape apology. It’s much like racism – it’s institutionally learned at an early age, either from family or the environment in which we grow up. It’s not always necessarily overtly taught, but we still learn these attitudes and ideas from social cues and by observing the different ways women and men are treated, that different races are treated, etc. and so on. It’s like a seed planted inside us when we’re small and if we don’t consciously challenge these wrong ideas that have taken root, we’re doomed to perpetuate the destructive cycles forever.

    Posted by Jeanie in Portland, OR ,

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