not sure I can wait months, what happens with the gun shot wounds?

does the brother seek revenge?

How come its not available in english yet?

Posted by , 31 Mars 2009

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10 thoughts on “Ahh need the third one”
  1. Someone suggested ‘’ as a source for the TGWKTHN. Don’t bother checking; I did and they only have it for pre-order, which I have already done with B&N. The release date is the same; 5/25/10.

    Well drat; I was all excited and now I still have to wait.

    In the meantime, ILL. (I Love Lisbeth).

    Posted by Rob Heidel in Simi Valley ,

  2. I am many chapters into “…Hornet’s Nest.” Unlike the first two books, there are portions that grind along. And we have Zala and Lisbeth on the same hospital floor just two rooms apart, and there are no police on station!! Terribly illogical. Things have to pick up!!

    Posted by Charles in Missouri in Kansas City ,

  3. I finished the ” ….Hornet’s Nest” today and am very satisfied with its outcome. Trouble is, a new world has opened for Salander and Bloomkvist only to be closed by Stieg’s death. But didn’t he write some more unpublished pages? Are these available? Can Lisbeth’s ghost hack into somebody’s computer and find these pages?

    Posted by Mardy in Denamrk, Maine ,

  4. finished Hornet’s Nest last night – going back to Dragon Tattoo for re-read! These books are thAt go0Od!

    Posted by Barb in Regina, Saskatchewan ,

  5. so the paperback is available on 1st of april? and there are unpublished pages about salander and blomkvist? didnt he hook up with someone in the end and berger told her she’ll try to keep her distance? i wish lizbeth and blomkvist became a couple….no1 understood her better……

    Posted by basra hunt in hamilton, canada ,

  6. no the book is available in hardback , the 1st april for paperback

    Posted by mags in scotland ,

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