A shocked late comer…

I had never heard of these books until about 2 weeks ago, when a friend recommended he had read them. I bought the trilogy off the net and after struggling initially to get into the first, i was hooked and couldnt put them down! Now i am almost at the end of the last book and am quite sad. I just found this site and had managed to miss the fact that Larsson had died. Knowing that 10 books were planned is frustrating! I hope that his partner does get the rights to release the 4th/5th. I have never read such an amazing trilogy in my life. Can anyone recommend another series to ideally follow this one? To make the transition easier?

Posted by Cara in Torquay (UK) , 22 December 2010

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  1. I have news for you Cara. In the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet today is an articel about the fourth book. Eva Gabrielsson says in an interwiew that she is ready to finish the fourth book. 320 pages are written allready. The title of the book is “Gods revenge”. In this book Lisbeth is finaly getting free from her demons and she removes her tattooes. Follow the link below and see the article that was published today. It is in Swedish i am afraid but maybe you cant translate in some way.


    Posted by Sven in Huddinge ,

  2. Thnx Sven for Aftonbladet. Now I’ll give some work to my friend who lives in Sweden to translate it for me…Anyway, love the books, love the films!!! Fascinating! But it makes me sad that there are only three books and the fact that such a great author as Stieg is dead.

    Posted by Nikka in Buzet – Croatia ,

  3. …..can t Google translate that ?? any way removing her tattoo, thats sad! and who wrote the book ? Stieglarson or…

    Posted by Bad Boy in Lisbon ,

  4. Oh My God!!! Thank you Sven!!! I will try and translate somehow via google/via a contact i have in Sweden! I still cant believe it though! I wish i had never knows there were to be 10 books! What a tragedy. I am now on the hunt for any simlar series! I need my crime fix!!!

    Posted by Cara in Torquay, UK ,

  5. Eva can’t publish the fourth book. She doesn’t own the rights to the characters, the plots, anything — that’s all part of the estate.

    Posted by Bob ,

  6. Try Babelfish for a translation. Lisbeth Salander – a 21st centry Miss Marple?

    Posted by Tony Marcovecchio in Newent ,

  7. Bob, the way Mikael dealt with Dag’s death was premonitory. I doubt very much that the estate will see the eventual publication of the 4th as a problem.

    maybe it even has been solved by the time I write this…

    Posted by Aharon in Ramle, Israel ,

  8. I just finished reading the third book in the series. I enjoyed all three books and never read so much in such a short time.

    Posted by Lisfan4ever in New York ,

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