Sorry if this has already been brought up. I’ve just finished reading the second book (English paperback translation), and on page 43 Bjurman gets the 1991 Police Report, and finds the name of his ‘improbable ally’. I presume that the policeman who wrote the report must be Bjorck, and Zala must be the one named (as Lisbeth’s father). However, on page 344, when Bjorck thinks back to when Bjurman asked for the 1991 report, it seems that Bjurman used the name Zalachenko as a pretext to get hold of it. So why is it such a revelation to Bjurman that Zala is in the 1991 report? Was the fact that Bjorck wrote the file enough to make Bjurman guess that Zala was involved? Am I missing something?


Posted by Ted J. in Birmingham, UK , 12 June 2011

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  1. Bjurman and Bjork knew each other mainly from the Zalachenko affair, so when Bjurman came across Bjorck’s name in relation to Lisbeth he thought it was a lucky coincidence. It was only after he read the file that he saw that Zalachenko was Lisbeth’s father and had anything to do with it. It seems he never connected the dots and realised that he becoming Salander’s guardian was no accident.

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  2. I spotted this too. It actually had the effect of ruining the book for me as i felt i must have missed something earlier on and had to keep checking back through the book every time new connections or revelations were made in relation to this plot point to try make sense of things.

    It clearly states on page 344 that Bjurman told Bjork he was ‘in the middle of doing something for an old aquaintance’ ‘Alexander Zalachenko’. First off what is it that he is in the middle of doing for Zala? Is he making this up just to get hold of the report? If so and considering that he is shocked to discover Zala is mentioned in it how could he have figured this would be an effective way of persuading Bjork to hand over the report? As if he didn’t know that Zala was part of the Salander equation how could he have figured that dropping his name would convince Bjork to hand over the report? If this was supposed to be coincidence i think thats fairly clumsy story telling.

    Also directly after saying he was in the middle of doing something for Zala he asks ‘ Whatever happened to him?’….

    I’m very confused?

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  3. I believe it was included in the papers Bjurmann had in his summer cabin and that Blomkvist found it in the place Lisbeth bought and stayed in while everyone was looking for her–Blomkvist also found the DVD of Lisbeth’s rape and everything else. This is from memory

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  4. In the English paperback edition of the third Millennium book on page 183 it has been mentioned that Sandberg and Falun find Bjorck’s report that looks like the original on the kitchen table. But I thought that this report had been stolen by Salander from Bjurman’s cabin and then was taken by Blomkvist from Salander’ apartment. How did Bjorck have it then?

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