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I donno if this idea was posted here b4, but y dont we start a petition that we cod send 2 Stieg’s father? Maybe that more than anything will show him how much we want the 4th book published?

Wot do u guyz think? we cod easily get a million ppl 2 sign it in a couple of months, u have no idea how many fans out there wod kill 4 the book!

Think about it.

Posted by Salander fanatic in salander ville , 16 October 2009

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  1. Erland Larsson has the rights to his son’s material but he doesn’t have the unfinished script for the 4th book. Eva Gabrielsson, Stieg’s partner, has the script and she doesn’t want to give it to Stieg’s father and the publishing company. As you probably know this was because of a dispute about the inheritance from Stieg. It is a sad story. In any case, even if they could agree together to publish the 4th book – who would finish it? Stieg ‘only’ wrote about 200 pages of it before he died.

    Posted by chris from sallysfriends.net in Copenhagen ,

  2. I thought his father wont allow her to complete it?!?!

    Posted by Salander fanatic in salander ville ,

  3. I don’t know what the true story is. It’s difficult to find the truth in family and inheritance disputes. Stieg father says elsewhere on this forum that Eva doesn’t want contact with them and doesn’t want to take their offers for money. Eva says she’s been subject to extortion, for example that Erland and Joachim originally wanted to give her the rights to stay in her apartment (which she only owns half of) IF she gave them the script. She refused. It’s a mess. I’m not sure anyone can solve it but the parties involved, though – one day they have to come to some sort of understanding and put aside their grievances. That, after all, is more important, I think, than whether or not the 4th book ever is completed.

    Posted by chris from sallysfriends.net in Copenhagen ,

  4. hello,

    i just discovered mr. larsson and his books.

    just finished “the girl who played with fire” and, as soon as i can purchase”the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest” it will be added to my collection.

    i am deeply grieved by this man’s death.

    i think with the existing story line and research someone could finish the fourth book (i would gladly offer my research services).

    Posted by myming in costa mesa,california,usa ,

  5. His partner CAN and KNOWS the rest of the story,myming. If anyone wod finish the book, it wod b her.But this whole disagreement she has with his father and brother is the obstacle, i guess.

    Posted by Salander fanatic ,

  6. I realize that no one has touched this post in over a year, but, I want to ask… is there a petition out there somewhere? A petition might help. From what I understand, Larsson’s partner helped write the first 3 books, and what little of the 4th book there is. If this is true, then she might be able to finish the 4th book herself. So… perhaps a petition could persuade Larsson’s father and brother to hand over the rights to Larsson’s work to his partner, and maybe she’ll finish the 4th book for us all to enjoy. What could it hurt?

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