“A literary masterpiece, that should be taught in schools around the world”

I heard about this book in the big hub-bub around it during the summer. My mom’s boss lent her a copy of it (not a good choice)and I gave it a look. I wasn’t ‘instantly captivated’ as some say, but it looked good. Anyways when I finally did buy and read the book as a birthday present, within the first hour I was beyond captivated, I was completely and utterly enthralled by the sheer literary genius and complexity of it. I finished late two nights later and was shell shocked by it. In a good way though. I have tried getting my illiterate friends to read it, but they are all to captivated in their own stuffy lives to read true literature. I think it is a literary masterpiece and should be taught in schools around the world for its diverse and cold as ice take on the mystery thriller. I may be a teenager, but I think that this book has changed my life and will mold my writing forever. It will mold how I, and how society looks at writing and at life. The Lisbeth’s of our world will gain respect and be recognized as human’s also. For school I plan on horrifying my teachers and writing a report on this piece of magic bound within 6oo or so pages.

Thanks Stieg, you left to soon.

DJ Jablonski i Bratt. Vt
Submitted: 26 November 2010

By Editor

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