A 60 minute Christmas Special

Rereading “The Girl Who Played With Fire” I realized I could script a tight 60 minute short film of the first 68 pages. I would develop the perverse trajectories of both Richard Forbes and Advocat Bjurman in parallel to the the point both realize they realized that they NEED TO KILL THAT BITCH. Lisbeth F.B. Salander and her own dual thread of math quest and tutoring Boy Bland would be a “real time” linear carrier signal. This would allow me to “add” data to Forbes tale to echo the actual details of Bjurman’s transformation in the novel that didn’t make it to the film. The storm will be a killer counterpoint of storm and Bjurman meeting Niedermann, LOUD VIOLENCE counterpoint soft implied violence.

I’ll work for points!

Posted by l_rivers in Cottage Grove , 4 December 2010

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2 thoughts on “A 60 minute Christmas Special”
  1. sorry, but could you explain what you mean more clearly. It sounds interesting, just I don’t quite follow what you’re saying

    Posted by DJ Jablonski in Bratt ,

  2. I would make a full film of the first 68 pages of the second book. In it Richard Forbes is “the man who hates women”. But several events are alluded to in his life. Several steps to becoming a man who could kill his wife. Advocat Bjurman has has the several steps he took to becoming the man who could rape Lisbeth briefly mentioned. By telling her story on the islands as a straight forward narrative, you could tell both angry men’s tales in flash backs as inserted scenes. This would lead to the climax of both men’s lives at the storm. (Remember Advocat Bjurman ends his life at this same time… roughly.

    This would be a way to examine why 2 men became the monsters they became, with Lisbeth’s vacation tying both threads together.

    Posted by Leo Rivers in Cottage Grove ,

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