A 5th Book found… or is it the 4th?

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‘Fifth’ Stieg Larsson book in existence.

Larsson’s books have become major best-sellers.

The existence of an unfinished manuscript by late author Stieg Larsson’s Girl with the Dragon series has been confirmed by his family.

His brother Joakim said in a US TV interview that the writer told him 10 days before his sudden death in 2004 that the book was “nearly finished”.

Mr Larsson told CBS’s Sunday Morning show that it was written as the fifth story rather than the fourth.

The three existing crime stories have gone on to sell millions worldwide.

Larsson, who died of a heart attack aged 50, did not live to see his books become publishing sensations.

His younger brother said: “This book number four, that’s book number five, because he thought that was more fun to write than book number four.”

Mr Larsson and his father told CBS they would not allow the manuscript to be published.

But it is said to be in the hands of Eva Gabrielsson, Larsson’s long-term partner, who lost control of his estate to his father when he died.

Swedish law does not recognise common law marriages.

The two sides have been locked in a legal dispute over the issue since the author’s death.

It is unclear whether the manuscript held by Ms Gabrielsson is actually the fourth book in the series or the same one – the fifth take – referred to by his brother.

She has claimed that his brother and father have not presented his work in the way he would have wanted it to be.

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  1. Eva says thr 5th book was more fun thsn the 4th so he just wanted to write it before the 4th. That suggests an outline he was following. Since it was to be a 10 book series maybe there is a 10 book outline.

    Posted by ronguell in New Orleans ,

  2. I read that it was the 5th book as well (on http://www.stiegfan.com). I also think that Stieg probably did write at least an outline for the 10 books. Just seems like there is a clear link between them all and it was planned out from the start

    Posted by nick in chicago,

  3. The first 3 are available. They’re listed here on the site. Swedish with subtitles but definitely worth it as the actors selected are excellent. Moreover, they have an authentic feel being filmed in Sweden.

    Posted by SonofSweden in NCarolina,

  4. Matters not if it’s 4 or 5…if there’s another book, I’d love to read it. Stieg Larsson left me wanting more…if Eva has anything to do with it, more the better. She deserves some respect, to be recognized as his wife of over 30 yrs for one. This, in the least, Sweden should recognize. If there is justice, let it be hers. I will be waiting!

    These were thrilling to read, I was captivated by all of them, let there be more. Luck to you Eva.

    Posted by Stieg Fan in Boston, USA,

  5. Wasn’t Stieg trying to make the rights of ALL women more fair? If we agree, then Sweden should start by giving Eva the rights that she deserves. I say this for two reasons: first, because I do believe that it is fair for her to have the say with the estate after 30 years with him. Second is more selfish because I am so anxious to read and then to see the movies…yes, Swedish version first, followed by Hollywood’s.

    Posted by NH Landas in Greece, NY,

  6. I agree with Juliea in Orlando…no Hollywood for this series and definitely NO ANGELINA JOLIE as Lisbeth!!!

    Posted by Vanessa Hobbs in Linden, NJ,

  7. The Swiss version of Lisbeth looks more like the book American version looks scare. She is suppose to look like a doll not dog

    Posted by John in Overland Park, Kansas,

  8. The plot of the fourth book is set in September in the village of Sachs Harbour on the tiny island of Banks Island in northern Canada. And yes,the fourth book was actually supposed to be part five in the series, but Stieg Larsson wrote it first becuause he thougt it was more fun to write than the fourth.

    Posted by John,

  9. Lisbeth and the others are DEAD without a heart transplant… a ghost writer for book 4. Lisbeth alive with someone else’s heart beats the heck out of a dead lisbeth. She is a fighter and if we (and all the surgeons that would have to come together) all take some anti-rejection meds, we can continue to love her for years to come, ala Ludlum.

    Posted by Mark Mark in Riverside, CA,

  10. I read all 3 books within a few weeks, loved them. And have only had time to watch the 1st video (Swedish) and it is just like the book so I won’t bother watching the Hollywood version – they would only ruin it. Any news on the 4th book yet??

    Posted by MaggieD in Thornton NSW AUS,

  11. No Fourth Book

    Claims that Sieg Larrson wrote a fourth novel are wide of the mark, his partner reveals.

    Eva Gabbrielsson told BBC Womans hour that “there was not much truth” that he left another novel on a laptop.

    Lots of thoughts and ideas that went into Millenium weren’t Stieg’s but mine.She said.

    Some things are purely mine in the book and some purely his and some things we did together.

    Perhaps Eva should write a book and we the readers will say whether we enjoy it or not.

    Listen to full article on BBC website.

    Posted by Dragon Fly in England ,

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