As I understand it, a 4th manuscript was/is in the hands of Stig” girlfriend at the time of his death. Is she going to finish the 4th book????

Posted by Magnus Gustafsson in Illinois USA , 15 January 2013

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  1. If you read the thread with heading “No Fourth book” you will see that there is no 4th manuscript.

    Posted by Steve in Canada ,

  2. this is so sad :( i would say that she has some kind of bargaining clout w/ his stubborn family….but after watching ‘The Will’ I’m pretty sure Larsson’s father and brother have every SINGLE last publishing right on LOCKDOWN!!! i’d be furious if i were eva…

    Posted by krysia in detroit, mi ,

  3. I’m sad that there won’t be any more of these books. Especially as it seems that he’d planned to write 10. If his girlfriend is capable of continuing the story, I would let her. I mean, Dad and Bro own the rights… so wouldn’t the benefit financially from the production of more books, too?

    That being said, I love the first one. But the next two were a bit blah (haven’t quite finished Hornet yet though, so maybe it gets better.) The overall story, however, has such wonderful potential though! I so wish to know what they’d planned next.

    Posted by Lisbeth Fan in Small Town, USA ,

  4. I have read three books less than this month (starting around the 2 to last night). I was disappointed that he is no longer here to finish the the rest of the ten. Im a avid reader and loved it.I would add the note of the end of the book after Salander push wide the door for Blomkvist. The affair would resume because Blomkvist needs her for Millennium. he hires her to work. perhaps.

    Posted by Dragonreader in Anonymous, Calif. USA ,

  5. Perhaps Lizbeth will come back in a fourth book.after reading article about Stuieg Larsson will I am very sure Larsson’s father and brother have every SINGLE last publishing right on LOCKDOWN!!! i’d be furious if i were eva… His girlfriend was never legally married him and did not eccept 20 million dollars and the rights as a publisher..permission to vote..

    Posted by Cindy in St. Louis MO ,

  6. Strange that Stieg always though his life was in danger yet chose not to marry Eva or leave a will. Does this say something?

    Posted by Liz in UK ,

  7. Im curious what does Stieg’s father and brother has to do with his 4 th 1/2 finished book or the rest of the ten books?

    Posted by Dragonreader in Anonoymous, Calif. ,

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