3 most sympathetic characters and 3 most repulsive ones(in the books)

Most sympathetic:




Most repulsive:


2)Martin Vanger


Posted by Heckler in Saint-Petersburg , 5 January 2012

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18 thoughts on “3 most sympathetic characters and 3 most repulsive ones(in the books)”
  1. most sympathetic

    1)harriet vanger

    2)lisbeth salander

    3)henrik vanger

    most repulsive

    1)nils bjurman

    2)martin vanger


    Posted by trinity in ny ,

  2. Hey, I like Sonia Modig ! Not to mention that Swedish actress in that role is good looking, too.

    Posted by Trener in Beograd ,

  3. The three most sympathetic, of all three books are: Lisbeth, Palmgren, and Anita, his sister. The the three most repulsive: Zalachenko, Martin Vanger, and the head of The Section.

    Posted by Tina Loflin in Salisbury, NC ,

  4. Most Sympathic:

    (1) Blomkvist (cool guy!)

    (2) Hariet (such a nice person!)

    (3) Salander (I wouldn’t put her as ‘sympathic’ but whatever…)

    Most repulsive:

    (1)Zala (he creeps the shit out of me)

    (2) Bjurman (4 words: a sadist, a pervert, a pig and a rapist

    (3) Gotfried (that woman killer)

    Posted by charlotte in somewhere ,

  5. 3 most sympathic:

    1: Blovkist (no brainer)

    2: Modig: risked her profession based on instinct

    3: Jonasson: Doc to a chance realizing she’s brillliant, and if it wasn’t for him, story would never continued.

    Most repulsive:

    1: Gullberg: head of section

    2: Teleborian: to me I find him worse than Bjuman. She got her revenge, but this character manipulated the justice system for so many years.

    3: Zala: sick loony, that’s all I can say….

    3: Za

    Posted by Wen in Clifton, NJ ,

  6. Sympathic:

    1. Lisbeth

    2. Harriet

    3. Mikael


    1. Bjurman

    2. Martin

    3. Geofried

    4. Teleborian

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  7. Sympathic:

    – Lisbeth

    – Mikael

    – Anders Jonasson


    – Ronald Nierderman(he scare The shit out me)

    – Bjurman

    – Everett gullberg

    Posted by Wspjims in Zurich ,

  8. Sympathetic:

    -Anita Vanger

    -Henrik Vanger

    -Lisbeth Salander




    -Martin Vanger

    Posted by Dani in Los Angeles ,

  9. Sympathetic

    1. Lisbeth (wow)

    2. Mikael (that chick magnet)

    3. Palmgren (i lyk him)


    1.Bjurman (dat pig)

    2. Zalachenko (sick bastard)

    3. Teleborian (hate him)

    Posted by Tali in San Angelis ,

  10. Sympathetic

    1. Lisbeth Salander (she’s mad ass)

    2. Palmgren ( The only one who cared bout salander)

    3. Annika Giannini (Put Teleborian in his spot)


    1. Teleborian (sick bastard)

    2. Zalachenko (no words)

    3. Nils Bjurman (a sadist, a pervert, a pig and a rapist )

    Posted by sarah in vancouver, Canada ,

  11. 1. Palgren

    2. Sonja moddig

    3. Dag’s girlfriend… What was her name again?

    1. Teleborian

    2. Hans faste

    3. Zalachenko

    Posted by Anna in The Netherlands ,

  12. Sympathetic (also my personal favorites):

    1. Palmgren

    2. Blomkvist

    3. Armansky (in a way, he gave Lisbeth a chance)


    1. Martin Vanger

    2. Zalachenko

    3. Teleborian

    Posted by Airi in Philippines ,

  13. Sympathetic:





    1.Erika Berger ( I just can’t stand her!! )


    3.Hans Faste

    Posted by Andreea in Bucharest ,

  14. Sympathetic:

    1. Lisbeth

    2. Armanskij

    3. Plague / Jonasson / Mimi


    1. Zala

    2. Teleborian

    3. Hans Faste / Niklas Eriksson

    Posted by Lina in Mexico City ,

  15. Symoathetic:

    1 – Mimi (I Love MIMI!!!)

    2 – Dragan (I think he is a cool man)

    3 – Palmgren

    Mikael (I don’t know how i feel about Mikael but he is Lisbeth friend)


    1 – Zalachenko (I hate him!!!)

    2 – Hans Faste

    3 – Richard Ekstrom

    Posted by Aline Sousa in São Paulo – Brasil ,

  16. Sympathic:









    Posted by “There are no innocents. There are, however, different degrees of responsibility.” ,

  17. So far the most repulsive is the bjurman and martin & garriet Vanger.. I had only read the 1st

    Posted by Angeluska in Tijuana, Mexico ,

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