2 technical questions

A few technical questions if I may. How wealthy does 3 billion Sw krona make Lisbeth? In the 2nd book I don’t know if I’m seeing American or Bristol billion. (10 vs 100 million).

MY guess was approx. 231 million, the price to film a “Transformers” film.

and that “cuff”, is it a feasible hack?

PS: that actress is not my Salander. it’s not her fault. But still…

… Salander is a brilliant switchblade waif

Posted by leo rivers in cottage grove, oregon , 18 Mars 2010

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  1. Well sorry guys, I just dunno. But I bet it’s loadsa money. Go Lisbeth, buy yourself some fun/rum x

    Posted by thumbs70 ,

  2. no idea really about the money, but as for Salander, she wasn’t exactly what i had pictured, but i think she was perfect for the part. however i did expect mikael to be a bit better looking and trimmer, Although i think he did a great job too.

    Posted by Suzee in Melbourne, Australia ,

  3. the hack is quite possibly feasible as all it invlves is lots of fraud as for the speed with wich it is executed i dont know, for your typical hacker planning a campaign like that would take some time but then again lisbeth is lisbeth so you know

    Posted by benwashere ,

  4. I doubt the possibility of the cuff: the signal to noise ratio would be too low for the cuff to send any info into ADSL. Another problem is a power supply for the cuff… And there is no way Plague would have resources/expertise to build it anyway. Lisbeth would have to spend half of her Wennestrom money for any sensible shot on having that built…

    Posted by Tim in London ,

  5. 3 billion SEK (as mentioned in the original book) is appr. 230 million USD.

    Posted by Ragnar in Stockholm ,

  6. Thanks!

    A lot. But not a whole lot.

    Posted by leo rivers in in cottage grove, oregon ,

  7. Type the following line into Google

    3 billion sek in usd

    Answer at time of posting is 418 million USD

    Posted by JS in Sydney ,

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