2 Plot Holes – Location of Gunshot Wound to Head & Palm Computer

Lisbeth?s Gunshot Head Wound – Did I miss something? When the 2 doctors are reviewing the x-rays of Lisbeth?s gunshot wound to the head, they refer to a shot to the temple (side of the head behind the eyes). Page 9 ? Anders says, ?Well, first of all, it seems to be a small-calibre bullet. It entered the brain at the temple, and then stopped about four centimetres into the brain.?

She was shot in the back of the head, under her ear, was she not? The Girl Who Played With Fire, page 700 ? ?The third bullet caught her about an inch below the top of her left ear.? Also, page 716 ? ?Slowly she raised her right hand and fumbled across the back of her head. With her fingers she could feel the crater of the entry wound.?

Lisbeth?s Palm Computer – When Mikael finds Lisbeth lying wounded in Zalachenko?s house, he goes through the pockets of her trousers and finds her palm computer. The last time we saw this palm computer was in The Girl Who Played With Fire, when Lisbeth threw it to Zalachenko to distract him, right before she tried to get away, he shot her and Ronald buried her. How did it get back into her pocket??? I checked and he did not put it back in her pocket dumping her into the hole.

If anyone has the answers to these questions, I would love to know!

Posted by Melissa in Vancouver, Canada , 18 August 2011

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  1. Haven’t read the english version but in the swedish she finds it in the kitchen together with the polish Wanad gun.

    Posted by Erik Ingendoh in Uppsala Sweden ,

  2. Oh that’s great! I will go back and check that part. I hope it’s the same, I hate those silly mistakes! Thanks Erik :)

    Posted by Melissa in Vancouver, Canada ,

  3. Well, Ronald and Zala could have put it in her pocket to hide ‘the evidence’, or Lisbeth could have found it and put it in her pocket after she dug out of the hole. The books aren’t exactly diaries of EVERYTHING that is happening.

    Posted by WaspNest in New Lands ,

  4. I believe that after she hacks Zala up with the axe in the wood barn, she enters the house disoriented and finds the palm computer in the kitchen. Then she places a call to Blomkvist and takes a nap on the kitchen bench.

    Posted by Teresa in Los ,

  5. i borrowed and subsequently gave the second book back before I bought and finished third. Didn’t Salander use a spade to clout her dad?

    Posted by Lee wainwright in Seville ,

  6. she used an axe to try kill him, hit him in the head, pity she didn’t kill the bastard! althought you can’t say she didn’t try!!

    Posted by JC Waters. Dublin. Ireland ,

  7. she didn’t throw her Palm at him, she threw dirt at Niedermann. I assume she kept the Palm after trying to bluff out Zala that she was podcasting their convo to the internet.

    Posted by inkopah in jacumba ,

  8. Teresa is correct. After the axe incident, she enters the house and finds Palm in the kitchen along with gun. Temple area is side of head behind ears.

    Posted by Wen in Clifton ,

  9. After she hits her papa in the head with an axe, she fishes in his pocket and takes back the palm pilot while she’s sitting next to him trying to stay concious.

    Posted by CosmoD ,

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