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Review of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson

The most explosive character ever!

The most explosive character ever!”

There has never been a character with a better developed history. There has never been a character with a better defined personality. There has never been a character who has been presented like lighting a fuse…and then going off!

Lisbeth Salander, who nearly killed her own father (the creep that he was), who solved the problem of Bjurman, who allowed the torturer/murder Martin to pass out of her’s and Mickael Blomqvist’s life; comes to life in The girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This Character is the most explosive character you will ever read or see! Even when not engaged in furious action and just sitting in front of a computer terminal, the intensity of her personality will burn in your memory well after seeing or reading of her exploits. Keep your eyes open and your ears attuned for the exploits of Lisbeth Salander-a 4 foot 11 inch, 90 pound, titan! And the roller coaster ride starts all over again in The Girl who Played with Fire.

Andy i San Diego, California

Submitted: 13 April 2010


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