Stieg Larsson

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the first novel in The Millennium Trilogy.

It was published in 2005, one year after the author Stieg Larsson’s death.The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
It received The Glass Key Award form Crime Writers of Scandinavia in 2006.
According to figures from June 2011, the Millennium Trilogy has together sold 60 million copies in more than 50 countries.  

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Plot summary

Disgraced journalist Mikael Blomqvist is hired by Henrik Vanger to investigate the disappearance of Vanger’s great-niece Harriet. Henrik suspects that someone in his family, the powerful Vanger clan, murdered Harriet over forty years ago.

Starting his investigation, Mikael realizes that Harriet’s disappearance is not a single event, but rather linked to series of gruesome murders in the past. He now crosses paths with Lisbeth Salander, a young computer hacker, an asocial punk and most importantly, a young woman driven by her vindictiveness.

Together they form an unlikely couple as they dive deeper into the violent past of the secretive Vanger family.

480 comments on “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”

  • check casher says:

    It took a lot of energy to not get upset at the sexual scenarios in the movie. Outrageous for an R rating, but art-quality scenes and acting compared to online videos that many people laugh at when they show it to their friends. For the sake of the character development I endured it, although one man in the audience couldn’t contain himself, disappointing his girlfriend that night. I saw myself in the place of the exploited women, and it was good for a happy ending for them. That movie tests the character of its watchers.

    - check casher,

    • Rxy1981, says:

      Sorry about that! I read the book in France since it’s a big hit here. Despite a well

      -woven plot, I found it to be some of the most two

      -dimentional writing I have ever come across. If this is literature…….

      - Tony,

    • m. lentz, says:

      Tony Hawkins

      - Tony,

  • s tyler says:

    cant seem to get into this book. very hard going indeed

    - s tyler,

  • k bougey says:

    Let me get this straight,,,,Stieg Larson has somehow eased his guilt over doing nothing to help the girl that he witnessed being gang raped, by putting a horrifically brutal rape seen into this movie????? WTF???? Was it cathartic for him????

    - k bougey,

    • R Baker, says:


  • san x says:

    i hated this movie ! was disturbing sickening and perverted ! rather sexist !

    just try to show the weakness to a women ! i mean all the male characters were general sickos and wanted to abuse and rape women !

    i especially hates the character of lisabeth what a weirdo !

    only a perverted and sicko would get off on this sort of movie ! made me feel like crap for the rest of the day !

    - san x,

    • Glen Smith, says:

      It was a pic of Daniel Craig and Robin Wright

      - Carolyn,

    • R. Zumker, says:

      It is a trilogy. Hope you saw the Swedish one with the subtitles. There are 3 books and 3 movies, all the movies are available on dvd. As far as i am concerned the origional is the better option. GS.

      - Glen,

    • admin says:

      The whole trilogy. GS.

      - Glen,

  • b says:

    Is the movie telling story just as in the first book or whole trillogy?

    - b,

    • Glen, says:

      This is a good movie . This one is available at English, in HQ quality FREE . Plays like youtube .This movie is availabe for free in HD at:

      - Moviegaze,

  • AJC says:

    Unbelievably disturbing, yet disturbingly unbelievable. A fantastic book and film.

    - AJC,

    • Moviegaze, says:

      me too. if you find out let me know…i thought it was a pic of Daniel Craig and Robin Wright.

      - Judy,

  • Marie says:

    Just saw the movie and am wondering who was in the picture that Lisabeth put in the pocket of the leather jacket that she bought at the end of the movie (the one she later threw in the trash. In the book she bought an Elvis sign to give him.

    - Marie,

    • Carolyn, says:

      I did not understand the end of the movie. Is there a #2 and that is why you were left hanging?

      - jj,

    • Judy, says:

      If you have not already seen them, I recommend watching the original film versions!

      - Tom S,

  • Tom S says:

    Excellent series of books. Deep characters and very believable. Hedeby Island is reminscent of Stephen King’s Dark Score Lake in Bag of Bones. A shame the recent movie isn’t doing better, as most do not realize that it was adapted from a novel, and most won’t pick up a book these days.

    - Tom S,

  • Rip Edmundson, Wisconsin USA says:

    I loved these books. They made me think and kept me thoroughly engrossed. He never had the characters do anything that I didn’t imagine they would be capable of doing. I had to read all three straight through and then go back and read them again. I found new things the second time that I had missed in the first reading. I ached for the characters when they had to make hard decisions. I understood the characters’ flaws and appreciated the integrity of the writing. Larsson truly got people and their nuances. I will be reading them all again. The movie was ok.

    - Rip Edmundson, Wisconsin USA,

    • Glen, says:

      i did NOT want to like these books,but i started reading and couldn’t stop

      - A Librarian,

    • Tom S, says:

      movie watcher, you have to understand that each scenes is interconnected it has to be discuss in the film to be able to send the real motive of the subject

      - super inday,

    • jj, says:

      Yeah, I know, I probably shouldn’t have even bothered finishing the damn thing, but I don’t start books and then stop reading them. Believe me, I wanted to like this book and I thought that by reading it all the way through to the end I might find it satisfying somehow. It didn’t.

      - The Doctor,

  • Man from Modesto says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with “Marky Mark”, who posted prior to me. My wife and I walked out. The intensity, length, and inclusiveness of the sexual abuse and rape scene were FAR out of line. Is this director so untalented he is unable to convey the violence of a rape scene without blatantly showing it?

    Kudos to Mark for posting. I wrote more here:

    - Man from Modesto,

  • Helen H says:

    Amazing film, a real eye opener. I’ve ordered all three books because I just have to know more!

    - Helen H,

  • ladygaga says:

    fuckin awesome

    - ladygaga,

  • Ellen B. says:

    Love Lisbeth and Mikael to bits – best thriller book I’ve read so far :)

    - Ellen B.,

  • Peter Marchant says:

    Just finished the Girl with a Dragon Tatoo. What a fantastic read from start to finished, The characters just come to life and you feel compelled to keep reading as the plot and pace grows, Truely one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read,

    - Peter Marchant,

  • joyce littlejohn says:

    A brilliant book and film also the girl who played with fire and the girl who kicked the hornets nest,should watch all three gives the whole story about lisbeth salander.

    - joyce littlejohn,

    • san x, says:

      Actually, the central character, Blomkvist, was in Longreach which is in Queensland not NT (Northern Territory). It is in central Queensland and is a prime beef and wool area.No reference is made to NT in the book. Jeff, Harriet’s son, says they have sheep stations also in NSW and WA. It was a simple error to refer to Jeff as a “studs” manager and not a stud manager.

      - Andrew McDonald – Longreach,

  • Tony Jennison says:

    Stieg Larsson obviously hasn’t been to the NT of Australia. There isn’t a sheep within a 1000kms of Tennant Creek. Bit more research would have helped his credibility.

    - Tony Jennison,

    • Andrew McDonald – Longreach, says:

      Next year according to newspaper in Sweden today!

      - Mark, Stockholm,

    • Name/signature, says:

      Thank you, Swede!

      - Norway,

  • shrutika jha says:

    awesome book!! finally found out which genre i love!!!! gonna read all 3 back to back

    - shrutika jha,

  • tattoogirl=) says:

    greatest freaking book ever!!! and i never say that!!! i love salander!!! my hero and she continues to surprise me in the other books LOVE IT!!

    - tattoogirl=),

  • Annelize Pistorius says:

    I also read the book and was thrilled with the outcome. However, it seems as if there are more to come – was’nt aware of a follow-up!!!! I was intrigue since I’ve ready about the flower …. and it became worse hence I couldnt put the book aside!!! However – it was an anti climax since it didnt ended the way I wanted it to be.

    Annelize – Pretoria, South Africa

    - Annelize Pistorius,

  • Jacqueline says:

    It is hard to get started, but once you get hooked you can’t put the book down.Very innovative and compelling characters.

    - Jacqueline,

  • Laura Close says:

    I really enjoyed this book. It kept me intertained and always guessing what could happen next. When I opened the book I never knew what was going to happen next and was never disappointed.

    - Laura Close,

  • E. Renegar says:

    These were the first books that I have read the entire way through without putting them down in a really long time. They were absolutly AMAZING!!!!

    - E. Renegar,

  • A. Gosselin says:

    The books are excellant. Lisbeth is remarkable!

    - A. Gosselin,

  • Liv Tablante says:

    I’m on the last 30 pages of book #3 and I’m already having withdrawals. I have no idea what to read next after this…

    - Liv Tablante,

    • Marianne, says:

      What do you mean “She could not have a photographic memory”. I know a biologist who remembers the catalog numbers of thousands of specimens that he has examined.

      - phillip,

  • Fatther michael says:

    Not realistic.Believable?

    She could not have a photographic memory.

    I did not read the other 2 books but nothing about the dragon tattoo is


    who taught her to hack computers?

    - Fatther michael,

    • phillip, says:

      Did you read the book? If so you’d know why

      - Jim,

    • admin says:

      Found the book so much more gripping than the movie

      - Bruce,

    • admin says:

      His comments are quite accurate; without the sex and violence and cliché characters there is essentially a very contrived and unbelievable story.The fact that Ms.McLuskie finds the book to be powerful and mesmerizing only demonstrates her shallowness and lack of true literary taste.Giovanni DeCesare

      - Giovanni DeCesare,