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Review of Millennium trilogy, Stieg Larsson


one of the greatest crime writers of our time”

The best read I’ve had in years!!! I originally purchased the first book of the Trilogy (Dragon Tattoo) as a gift for my Daughter-in-law, but she had already read all 3 of the Trilogy, so I decided to keep it. Once started I could not put it down – it was so mesmerising, suspenseful and brilliantly written. The same goes for the second in the Trilogy – and I’m now reading the last book. I really don’t want it to end.

In my opinion Stieg Larsson was one of the greatest crime writers of our time. I was devastated to read that he had passed away – especially as he had not yet realised his phenominal success.

Maureen Paddon-Row i SYDNEY AUSTRALIA

Submitted: 16 July 2010


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