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Review of Millennium trilogy, Stieg Larsson

Spanish version earlier!

I have been delighted reading the three books, no intermission”

I started with the first one around Thanksgiving in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, thanks to a friend who let me borrow the book in Spanish. Half a way through, I knew I had to read the second one right a way! I have been delighted reading the three books, no intermission, in Spanish, since my father sent me the Millenium series from Spain where the third book was released in the fall. I am in withdrawal… from the characters, the skillful way to present the action, the tension, yes! totally awesome. I could not put it down!

Now I want to see the movie, but could any one tell me when is release in the US? is going to be in all the theaters? with subtitles?

Asun Arnedo

Submitted: 9 Mars 2010


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