Stieg Larsson

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  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    Mahak says:

    I totally love reading his books. What an amazing read.Thanks.

    • Gabrielnum says:

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    • Gabrielnum says:

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  • Other works of fiction portraying extreme violence against women
    Doralee says:

    Pretty girls- Karen savage

  • Millennium Trilogy
    André Pimentel says:

    Masterpieces involve a lifetime, my hobbie is music composition and guitar, and writing was always on my mind, I'm thinking about the more important subjects about my life and when I get my conclusion, I will start to write maybe. Stieg Larsson made this fantastic work and had a big contribution for human rights, but he should take care of his life, maybe he could wait some years for publishing the book , maybe not, maybe he had to this way to make his message.

  • Michael Nyqvist dies aged 56
    Robert Danylchuk says:

    A great actor who passed before his time.

  • Song Lisbeth listens to?
    Vahe says:

    Sounds similar to "In The House, In A Heartbeat" by John Murphy from 28 weeks later.

  • Michael Nyqvist dies aged 56
    Pharang Lo says:

    Wow, so young :(

  • Michael Nyqvist dies aged 56
    Barry says:

    This is awful news.. My condolences to Michael's family...

  • Michael Nyqvist dies aged 56
    Lisa Kratky says:

    So sad to hear... loved and respected his excellent work! RIP

  • The girl who takes an eye for an eye
    Priya says:

    The book will go on sale on September 7, 2017. But it can already be pre-ordered on Amazon

  • Next book
    Brad says:

    It has been already announced.

  • Other works of fiction portraying extreme violence against women
    Alex says:

    Hey! You could try here

  • Where is Hedestad?
    Jussi Tuovinen says:

    Larsson puts his “Hedestad” and “Hedeby” clearly on the coast “about an hour” north of Gävle, but as they (unfortunately ;-) don’t exist the filmmakers had to find something which resembles more or less the descriptions in the book.As “heder” in Swedish means “hono(u)r” there’s quite heavy irony here as those activities in those places depicted in the book are actually quite far from honorable… :-pp Of course “the Honor of the (Vanger) Family” is a theme emphasized heavily in the book too.Talking about name allusions I guess it’s not a coincidence that the name “Vanger” sounds quite similar than Wagner, another name quite heavily although also unfairly connected with the Nazis too… ;-))

  • The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye
    Victor says:

    Can't wait to read it!!!

  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web
    Essensian says:

    I am no deep literary theorist. I very much enjoyed the first three and hence was really keen to read this. Turns out I enjoyed it equally, but this one brought me to tears where the others didn't.

  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web

    the 4th "Millennium"Book was quite interesting, thrilling ... but not so good as the first three books. There were places where so called "look into the future/ predictions" were written - it was too revealing, stealing the whole excitement from not-knowing what's going on at first sight. and at the end L.Salander coming on herself to M.Blomkvist... unbelievable, not typical for her... but maybe people change... maybe L.Salander's changing (as Keane's singing ;)) I've that book. I've quenched my curiosity.PS. Sorry for my English, I'm not a native Speaker and English isn't my everyday Language.
    - Gogh Van,

  • The legacy
    Mary Lapeyrade says:

    I just read The Girl in the Spider’s Web. It started slow, had too many new characters, but I still enjoyed the read. If Eva is ever able to write more books, I would read those too.

    - Mary Lapeyrade,

  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web
    Sandra says:

    Is book 5 in then works? Book 4 end unfinished again.

    - Sandra,

  • Background
    islandfox says:

    I have read all four books and seen both american version and swedish versions of the movies that were made. Actually all four books are EXCELLENT – I’m thrilled that a fourth book was written and look forward to more…..I can see where the characters can keep going! I actually “read and listen” to the books and the reader is Simon Vance – an excellent ‘reader.’ I recommend listening to him read!

    - islandfox,

  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web
    Tara Lawrence-Stuart says:

    Did Lagercrantz use the incomplete fourth novel the family has and how does Eva Gabrielsson feel? What if she finishes Stieg’s partly written fourth book? Maybe we will see Dueling Dragonns? I write this in 2015, and Lagercrantz’ book The Girl In The Spider Web is out here in the USA. I have had misgivings about reading so far but ny curiosity is growing.

    - Tara Lawrence-Stuart,

  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web
    turtle says:

    Below is the review I put in to Amazon. Its long but its still my two cents worth

    Fourth Book:Lagercrantz and Dad/brother fail Stieg

    I purchased Girl…Spider Web on my Kindle prior to its publication date and got it, promptly as August became September. I went to bed at 4:30 am, got up at 9:15 and was reading it as I drank my morning coffee.

    I am disappointed It is a good tale of daring-due but, instead of a good graphic novel it slides down into a comic book. I found the Millennium Trilogy to be so visual that I was convinced that Larsson had, like me, a visual awareness that was cinematic and that often offers the graphic novelist an opportunity. I am aware that Lisbeth has been drawn in this format though I have never seen it up close.

    David Lagercrantz put Lisbeth in a comic book as a maybe unconscious betrayal of his opinion of Larsson’s books, He has her doing things Child would have his 6 ft 5 in 250 lb. Jack Reacher do, only faster.

    It betrays Lisbeth’s story, as I see it.

    I see Lisbeth as a mix of a gifted young adult whose emotional life has been warped and stilted by constant violence in her childhood culminating in traumatic events.

    She is frustrated and abandoned by all adult authority, spending her puberty strapped to a bed with a pedophile hovered above her. She has stayed below the horizon since waiting out High School (don.t know what the Swedes call their adolescent socialization institutions). Being small in a milieu that is lawless, she has learned to defend herself by outright intense attack and flight: witness the encounter that breaks her computer

    Then we are told about the rape where she has under-estimated her new guardian, Bjurmann and she is overpowered and then, when the bastard is done, she limps off and broods on the subject. She puts together a plan, gathers information, her video tape, adds a taser and a tattoo implement and strikes fast and resolutely, pressing the advantage of surprise to quickly implement that plan.

    Lisbeth uses her successful understanding of how to defend herself and Blomkvist by a full-bodied, two handed swipe(s) at Vanger with a weapon at hand and then giving chase relentlessly (in the book, without a firearm and without Blomkvist’s permission).She does not kill Martin because he kills himself.

    In “Girl who played with Fire” Larsson outlines Lisbeth learning to be a warrior.

    Lisbeth uses learned tactics on Granada to thwart the deadly plans of the guy who is intent on using the hurricane to cover the murder of his wife.She uses a found weapon but does not kill him but she does allow the storm to do it.

    She is caught unaware shortly after returning to Sweden, but again uses surprise and quick, intense, and violent tactics to exploit her appearance (small, skinny, female) to the disadvantage of her assailant. She does retreat effectively.

    She takes her hardware even when she does not expect to need it when she goes out to her Bjurmann’s cabin in search of her papers and, when the Bikers arrive, she knows she is in for a fight and that her only chance of survival is to deploy all her resources quickly and without hesitation. The result is she adds the Makarov pistol to her kit and uses a Harley-Davidson to get clear. She recognizes one of them as the one who assaulted her and shoots him in the foot—she does not kill him.

    She takes her inventory of weapons to confront Zala and Niedermann, whom she anticipates only vaguely. Her plan, this time, is not thought through because her accumulated methods of self-defense have proved sufficient in the past. Lisbeth, hose experiences with Milton Security should have informed her, finds her tactics are not adequate to the the job because of electronic security equipment.

    Her screw-up gets her killed—almost.

    Still, her tactics serve her when she digs herself out of her grave but in her weakened state she does not kill Zala and she fails to press her advantage, still surprise effects a scare in Niedermann’s warped, superstitious perceptions.

    She is learning the whole time.

    Lagercrantz takes this character through a series of actions from a distance where she defeats opponents trained to kill and the reader has only has a vague narrative of her progress to that point, other than some reference to workouts in a boxing gym. She remains a static Lone Ranger figure

    In passing; his Camille is an even worse cut-out figure who lacks any kind of reality—she cannot even be described except as some sort of siren who fogs the mind of men. It is goofy and her character is allowed to escape for the next book like a comic book arch-villain – think the Joker or any of them From Marvel or DC–an interchangeable cardboard villain. A missed opportunity to create a really interesting character.

    None of the subsidiary characters are taken anywhere new: Inspector Bubble has some sort of religious musings and meets a girl, Modig, except for her orange flavored chocolate has no developemnt and Ekstrom remains a clueless weasel

    I don’t even want to mention all the computer crap except that another opportunity to inform is missed by a lack of effort. Some characters around it are moderatly interesting even as they lack credibility. I suspect it is really safe to cite N.S.A. Over-reach in Sweden—no insight into things Swedish other than a bunch of greedy or ambitious bureaucrats—all cardboard cut-outs. This is the only nod toward Larsson’s political awareness.

    Logercrantz insults the whole of the Millennium series by creating stereotypes such that it will go straight to comic books and not even appeal to a Graphic Novel. The movie will be by a modern day Hanna-Barbara type studio, who will job out the animation to the Philippines, or some such and put it straight to DVD and it will appear on the Streaming sites that offer goofy stuff with commercials for deodorant and food choppers.

    And, I liked “I Am Zlatan” and I am not sorry I bought it instead of getting it from the Library. I heatedly object to having paid for this effort: a weak-ass bundle of money grubbing prose.

    I think this ends my concern for this topic

    - turtle,

  • Eva Gabrielsson
    Escapeartist13 says:

    I will not buy the new novel unless I hear that Eva will get some of the royalties. It seems that the only relationship that Stieg had with his father and brother was after his death, when they became “close” to a fortune. Shame on them!!!!

    - Escapeartist13,

  • Stieg Larsson and psychiatry

    I don't know much about Swedish psychiatry but I know enough to think that Larrson had his own thing about psychiatry for whatever reason. It is unlikely that he would choose any psychiatrist as a hero. He is also pretty careless about medical treatment, also, altho he does have a general physician who is at least a hapless hero.- Jq,