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Review of Millennium trilogy, Stieg Larsson

Multilayered Read!!

Multilayered Read!!”

Graphically real, this series looks at so many societal of the greatest being the “systems” in place that are to protect children. Lisbeth is a very real person in many societies.

“Abuse of power” demonstrated in these books made me cringe.

The “layers of deceit” within institutions that allows innocents to suffer and the foibles of the human condition that cover them up is devastating.

On the contrary, I disagree with the reader’s comment of “what an imagination!”. I think Stiegg Larson could see only too well what can and does happen in society.

I applaud Larson in being able to make me identify with and champion the central figure who could not be further from my realm of society.

By far the greatest message for me was what a great impact we can have in the lives of “unlikely” individuals we meet by reserving our judgement!

Wonderful reads and I will very much miss the future novels that will not be forth coming.

J. Carter i Huntsville

Submitted: 7 June 2011


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