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Review of Millennium trilogy, Stieg Larsson

Inspiring on so many levels

Inspiring on so many levels”

At about 4:30 am yesterday, I finished the third novel, The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. As will the other two volumes, I simply couldn’t put it down, no matter how sleepy I got. It was well worth the sleepless night. The books and Steig Larsson himself are inspiring on so many levels.

Inspiring in the sense that although many of those she encountered in her life despised and violated Lisbeth Salander, most people who met her actually rallied to her cause. Suggesting, I hope, that there is hope for this world if more people will fight injustice rather than capitulate to injustice.

Inspiring also because Stieg Larsson, who I believe is a genius, has shown us how powerful and moving the written word still can be. I know this book will inspire new writers all over the world to fight injustice though their writings.

Finally, I was personally inspired both by the books and by reading about Stieg’s life-long battles against right-wing extremism and all kinds of hate and violence, especially against women. God knows we need a Stieg Larsson here in the USA.

Bob G i Buffalo

Submitted: 17 February 2011


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