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Review of The Girl Who Played with Fire, Stieg Larsson

Far fetched

the ability to solve Fermat’s equation, her amazing boxing skills”

Just finished book 2 of the millennium series and am amazed that after a very good first book, the 2nd in the series can be of such poor quality.

After developing all characters some more Stieg needs a number of very far fetched details to bring this book to some sort of end.

I don’t mind some fiction but to bring together a sort of superwoman (Lisbeth) in combination with the Swedish Secret service, the ability to solve Fermat’s equation, her amazing boxing skills and finally her rising from the grave gave me the feeling that Stieg didn’t have a clue to pen down a more realistic end to the story.

I won’t pick up the 3rd book. I lost enough time reading nr 2 as it is.

Jan de Wringer

Submitted: 9 Mars 2010


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Well said. I too hated these pieces of garbage. Fu*k Stieg Larsson and his lazy writing: everyone’s either good or evil – no grey areas in Stieg’s world. Nonsense

Namn/signatur, 27 september 2012

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