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In this interview by the Swedish national televsision, Stieg Larsson’s life companion Eva stieg-et-moiGabrielsson reveals the truth behind the man that was Stieg Larsson. She discusses her claims in the controversy surrounding Stieg’s legacy as well as her claims for a part of the royalty.

Eva Gabrielsson is about to pubslish a book about her life after the sudden death of Stieg Larsson called Stieg & Moi. Stieg & Moi is written by Eva Gabrielsson and Marie Francois Colombani and comes out the 19 Jan 2011. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has read a rawcopy of the book and can reveal several interesting scoops.

Eva says in the book that she could finish the fourth manuscript but is, as of this moment unable to due to the legal dispute between her and Stieg Larsson’s father and brother. The Swedish title of the fourh book is also told, and is said to be “Guds hämd” (english translation: God’s revenge).

In the interview with the Swedish national television Eva Gabrielsson talks about how she was often afraid of something terrible to happen, that Stieg would be murdered because of his political views and actions.

“I always thought that the police would come and tell me that he had been shot or stabbed to death”.

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  • admin says:

    An amazing page turner and am now onto the last book of the trilogy – cant’ wait to see the movie! Thought provoking, confronting, spell binding are just a few….

    A must read for anyone!


    Melbourne Australia

  • S Kotze says:

    How did Stieg Larsson died?

    - S Kotze,

    • Bette, says:

      There actually is something you can do. There is a website set up where you can donate money directly to Eva. recommend a minimum of a $3.00 donation for each book you read and enjoyed if you are annoyed by the situation. If you’re upset donate 7.00 and if you are really furious donate more than $15.00 for each book and movie seen.

      - Laurie200,

  • Pamela says:

    I’ve just seen the movie. Had never heard of the books (sorry!) Loved it and now must read the books!!


    - Pamela,

  • Carmen Penido Monteiro says:

    I loved the first book of the trilogy which I read from the translation to Portuguese. I gave my daughter to read and she also loved it. So sad that Stieg is dead! I would like to know if there is a CD in English of his books. I am Brazilian and Larsson is already a blockbuster here.

    - Carmen Penido Monteiro,

  • Ilene Leigh says:

    Stieg Larsson’s book are wonderful. It is a major dissapointment that there are no more wonderful stories to read by this incredible author. I consider myself priveleged to have been able to read the books he did write.

    - Ilene Leigh,

    • Laurie200, says:


      - Ron,

  • - Inger L., Nittedal, Norway, 17 Mars 2010 says:

    Eva Gabrielsson, I am just about to finish the 3rd book of your life companion Stieg Larsson. I really must say that this triology have been the most exciting reading I ever had. All honour to Stieg Larsson for his writing. I really hope that you will manage to finish the 4th book in this Millennium story, if it is really true that it excist. I am sure, if Stieg Larsson lived today, it would be his intention to publish it. Please, I really hope that you will make it come true. And that the rest of his family will accept that you will make it published too. I really wish you all the best and good luck further and lots of happiness and peacefullness in the future.

    - - Inger L., Nittedal, Norway, 17 Mars 2010,

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