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Arguably best known for being the long-time partner of the late Stieg Larsson, the famous Swedish novelist who wrote the Millennium series, Eva Gabrielsson has established herself as a notable author, architect, feminist, and prominent activist in the political arena.

Who is Eva Gabrielsson?

Born on November 17th, 1953, Eva Gabrielsson has lived an almost storied life that has eva gabrielssonincluded many different activities which have mostly been associated with her partner, Stieg Larsson, in a relationship that lasted from 1974 to his untimely death in 2004.

Her Life with Larsson

The relationship grew out of love and mutual interest in the politics of Sweden which continued for the entire time that they were together. With Larsson being one of the most noted experts on the neo-Nazi movement in Sweden, Eva joined him in helping to expose these extreme right-wing, anti-democratic organizations which carried with it the risks of danger to them both.

Therefore, Eva and Stieg never married because he feared that the anti-Nazi work he was doing would put her at risk of assassination just like him. There would be no paper trail to link them together in terms of their financial or legal status so she could remain clear of any retaliation from the extremists. The 30 years she spent with Stieg are chronicled in her book, “There are Things I Want You to Know About Stieg Larsson and Me”, an autobiography that reveals much about their lives together.

In her autobiography, she described Stieg as many things, including an unsuccessful journalist and businessman, a feminist, and a fighter for social causes along with being a force against the neo-Nazi movement in Sweden. Larsson founded Expo, an anti-fascist publication in 1995 and began to create the Millennium series which became an international success. Three of his works of the planned 10-volume series were published and a fourth was planned with about 200 pages already written.

Unfortunately for Eva, when Stieg died unexpectedly in 2004 from a heart attack, she was in no position to take control of his estate because he didn’t leave a will behind. Instead, according to Swedish law, Larsson’s estate went to his father and brother, even though Stieg had been estranged from his father for quite some time. In fact, Stieg had spent a considerable amount of time during his childhood with his grandparents who essentially raised him for nine years.

Eva was left out in the cold essentially and to this day has felt like she was dispossessed because of the situation with the estate and how Stieg’s father and brother have managed it since his death.

Eva’s Fight for Larsson’s Legacy

With Stieg’s father and brother running the estate, Eva has been negotiating with them over control of his works. Since Eva has made some noted contributions to the works of Stieg Larsson, the legal rights have been in dispute since his death.

This has not prevented the media rights from being sold for the creation of three Swedish films from the Millennium series, which includes “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “The Girl Who Played with Fire”, and “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”, all three starring Noomi Rapace, who has gone on to a successful career in American films. In addition, an English version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” was made starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.

Eva’s fight has been over the literary rights to all of Stieg’s work and she has refused an offer of $3.3 million from Stieg’s father and brother to settle the matter. She has claimed in interviews that she will not be bought, so the fight continues.


Her most famous work is arguably her memoir about her life with Stieg, but she has authored other works which have gained in prominence as well. She has stated that it was never her intention to write an account of her life with Stieg, but rather it was a coping process after losing her partner to help get through the grief. She had kept a diary of their time together and turned that into a book, the title of which comes from a time in which Larsson was on a trip to Africa in 1977 and believed that he would not make it back.

She has co-authored several books and literary projects which includes a government study in Sweden on creating sustainable housing, a monograph about co-habitation, and a new study with Per Olof Hallman, a noted Swedish urban planner.

Other Information

In addition to her own works, she has translated the novel “The Man in the High Castle” by Philip K. Dick into the Swedish language. She has been a tireless advocate to end violence against women, and she continues her architectural practice that involves both office and housing construction. A part of her work in this field involves an initiative by the European Union to fashion architecture that is sustainable in the region of Dalecarlia.

One of the more interesting theories that has been bandied about by those who knew Stieg Larsson, most notably his friends Kurdo Baksi and Anders Hellberg, is that the Millennium series is something that was out of character for the author. His friends are convinced that Eva Gabrielsson had something to do with writing it and perhaps even co-authored the work.

Eva has been quoted several times on the subject, including one interview where a co-authorship was implied. However, she has clarified her statements since that time stating that it was Stieg Larsson who was responsible for the craftsmanship and writing of the series. Her contributions were more along the lines of suggesting some content which included some ideas that she had regarding the work.

In any event, Eva Gabrielsson remains a strong figure in Sweden and while closely associated with her late partner Stieg Larsson, she has managed to carve out her own identity.

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  • Gary Hill says:

    Eva should get the money – all of it. She lived with S.L.

    - Gary Hill,

  • Lynnsley Sharmini says:

    Hi..Im from Malaysia and im a big fan of Larsson trilogy book Millennium….and its an awesome book..and cant help but wonder after reading information about him…im beginning to think He is Mikael Blomkvist himself :D..I love the stroy and im sadden tht he cannot continue to do it himself..Please Eva help finish the book..


    regards < Lynnsley Sharmini

    - Lynnsley Sharmini,

    • Kathy Miklus, says:

      If the books are true to life, it would appear that Swedish Citizens are very limited in the right to protect themselves as well…curious…Mace an illegal weapon? Does anyone know if there is truth to that?

      - 1/3 scandalous,

  • Agneta Viklund says:

    Swedish: Eva, vill önska dig en fin julmånad och jag vill bara säga att jag håller på dig. Du är fantastisk, älskar dina böcker och Stiegs också. De ligger alla på nattduks bordet och jag läser om och läser om.

    English: Eva, I wish you a nice Christmas month and I agree so much with what you say and think and write. You are fantastic and I love your books, and Stiegs also of course. I have them on my night stand and I read and reread all the times.

    - Agneta Viklund,

  • The Guy With An Invisible Tattoo says:

    I’m from USA and I’ve never heard of him or her before seeing this.

    The legal system is wrong that does not recognize that he would want her to have legal rights to the works, same as if they were married.

    The father and brother are greedy scavengers.

    Best wishes Eva.

    - The Guy With An Invisible Tattoo,

    • Eva, says:

      He did not have a close relationship with his father nor his brother (documented) do they had no right whatsoever to any of the money he earned with all of his work. I do not think that Eva is a Communist, she is not “dried up,” but you two are so obviously angry, limited, and not at all informed. Eva deserves some of the money her partner of 30 years earned with his talent. If she does not, then no one does and the money should go to his causes. These books are amazing. Thank you Eva for nurturing your talented lover.

      - American Swede,

    • 1/3 scandalous, says:

      I agree with you. This caring, loyal and refined lady is indeed “priceless”. That was such a thoughtful comment. Thank you so much. Jim.

      - Jim Longsited,

    • tracy, says:

      Sarah, being from the states, you are obviously not as aware of how Sweden treats their people as one would living in Sweden. They have one of the most progressive governments in the world. Their treatment of women in general has been lauded as one of the best.Were you aware that Steig and his girlfriend were involved in “policing” those in the country who were Nazi/skinhead sympathizers? That is why she was worried about his safety more than his health.Please do a little more research on what you spout off about, before you go full throttle against a country’s whole governmental system. Eva may have an ax to grind, and she is just one person.You know, living in the States, we are not able WHATSOEVER to receive monies/inheritances from a boyfriend/girlfriend. We cannot register our relationship with the government so that we can establish that. But, in Sweden, where marriage is often an afterthought, they can do that.I’m very proud of my Swedish heritage, and know that the US should be copying many of the things that are standard in Sweden.

      - Kathy G, in IL, US,

  • Stig Down in Hell says:

    Suddenly this dried-up old communist bag is demanding that she inherit unearned wealth?


    - Stig Down in Hell,

    • Jim Longsited, says:

      totally agree 100%

      - Eva Linti,

    • American Swede, says:

      I’ve read that in Sweden you don’t have to be married to inherit — but if you’re not married, then you have to register your relationship with the civil authorities. Otherwise, you are treated as a flat

      -mate. That doesn’t discriminate against anybody.Also, Sarah, as much as nobody wants to believe this (especially on this board), maybe Stieg didn’t want Eva to inherit. With all the lawyers that would have been around to draw up all those book contracts, it’s hard to imagine that not one of them brought up the idea of a will. Surely, Stieg had a personal lawyer who would have done this?

      - Bob,

  • Eva Linti says:

    thats not fair! Eva is like Lisbeth the law system is treating her unfairly. We r here for you Eva! Even if you cant understand this since it english not sweden. We heart you! Fight and never give up!

    - Eva Linti,

  • Donna V says:

    I am so sad that he wasn’t able to write the 10 books as planned. What a talent. I feel so sad for her. She looks/seems/feels sad – what a loss. He wrote about violence against women and here she is, suffering another kind of violence at the hands of his family. Had he only known/conceived of what might happen. Tragic.

    - Donna V,

    • Eva Linti, says:

      No of course he did not commit suicide, he died of a heart attack after walking up seven flights of stairs to his office because the lift was not working.

      - T William Powell,

  • gw says:

    I heard he committed suicide, its that correct??

    - gw,

    • T William Powell, says:

      But he wasn’t estranged from his family. His brother today released the email that Stieg sent him 20 days before his death. In it, Stieg sounds like he was fairly close to his brother, signing off with “Kisses”All this stuff about estrangement is coming from Eva. Maybe it’s not true?

      - Bob,

  • Judy Haywood-Gonzalez says:

    Eva Gabrielsson, you go girl. I’m going to buy your books. I hope you win, I know you will. Those books were more than one person could write,your fingerprints are all over them…I can feel it . I pray you prevail.

    - Judy Haywood-Gonzalez,

  • hilodave says:

    In a perfect world Larsson’s family would share the pie with Ms. Gabrialsson, his life partner of 30 years and thus allow the Millennium series to continue. I believe she has the partial fourth book and the additional series outlines…Larsson’s brother comes off as a greedy sob…..perhaps part of the reason Stieg was estranged from during his life.

    - hilodave,

  • M Herrmann California says:

    My husband and I have read all three books and have seen the movies. The movies were good, but after reading the books they were a disappointment. We felt so intellectually involved with the books both because of the politics and the intrigue.

    We hope Eva finishes the fourth book and is able to create the same intensity and intrigue.

    - M Herrmann California,

    • S. Sloan, New Jersery, says:

      I agree totally. He would have wanted her to continue. When i first read the books i was totally baffled as to how he could have had so much much insight. now it all makes sense. No movie can capture the intensity and the feeling you get from reading the work. She now has to reinvent herself.

      - Edgar Nkosi White,

  • L.Avery Vancouver,Canada says:

    She should continue with the books. He would have wanted them finished and she can live can finish a project which was meaningful to them both.

    - L.Avery Vancouver,Canada,

    • Edgar Nkosi White, says:

      I agree each word You make me cry Strenght to fight for what is yours..I look forward to the 4th book…”too”

      - tania,Brasil,

  • Rodney, Melbourne, Australia, 12 September 2011 says:

    I recently heard Eva Gabrielsson speak in an interview with Margaret Throsby on ABC Radio in Australia and I was shocked and saddened to discover that defacto relationships are not regonised under law as yet in Sweden, a country that I always had thought far more socially progressive than Australia. I was inspired from hearing Eva’s account to seek out purchase Eva’s book ‘Stieg & Me’, which I have read over the last week. I was very touched and moved by what I read. Thankyou

    - Rodney, Melbourne, Australia, 12 September 2011,

  • Gary Jackson. Tamworth NSW says:

    I believe EVA Gabrielsson has the rights to publish Steig Larsson’s unpublished manuscripts. Long term relationships (emotionally, physically, financially) should be honored due to the commitment between this couple. Surely, long term relationships must be accepted by all legal avenues of all governments & levels of administrations. I thought Sweden was more politically correct & a fairer culture than has been portrayed in this story.

    - Gary Jackson. Tamworth NSW,

  • Tess says:

    I’m grateful to have found Eva’s interview – and to learn a bit about her life. I’ll look forward to reading her book.

    - Tess,

    • Ruzbey MISTRI, says:

      His views that women should not be abused and are equal members of society. Wow.

      - Kevin,

  • Filomena D.Z. Hall says:

    My heart breaks for you. It’s not really about the money for you, but it is for Stieg’s father and brother. His father had very little to do with his upbringing and now he wants to “cash” in on his death. You were Stieg’s soulmate his life partener, you alone deserve what is left behind. The comfort you get from the many years you had with him cna not be felt by his father and brother. I pray that God gives you comfort and peace and the strenght to fight for what is yours. I look forward to the 4th book…I LOVED the first three!!!

    - Filomena D.Z. Hall,

    • tania,Brasil,12 October 2011, says:

      She is in a recent issue of Vanity Fair..

      - Ruzbey MISTRI,

    • Steig’s in Hell, says:

      I meant ask how you can not agree with his views especially in regards to women. I don’t get that.

      - Kevin,

  • Lorraine and George Beazley says:

    We, in Canada, are not able to download Girl who played with Fire or The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest on to our ebooks. None of the download sites allow CANADA we did download the first in the trilogy.

    - Lorraine and George Beazley,

  • J.A. Gibson says:

    Last night I finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which I had heard so much about…so I got it out of the library two days ago, started it the night before last, and finished it last night. Incredibly powerful. It is sickening that Eva Gabrielsson who had so much to do with the development of the book (through living with, and thousands of discussions with, Stieg Larsson as he wrote it) and who helped with the editing, should be dispossessed of what is her and his intellectual property, jointly. She ought to have fifty percent of the profits across the board. She ought to have control of the manuscripts and the unpublished manuscript and film rights. She is obviously a highly intelligent and principled woman being denied her moral rights by a defective legal system which does not recognize common-law marriage. This sheds a poor light on Sweden which is supposed to be one of the world’s strongly democratic and egalitarian countries. In fact, this in itself proves that even within such a society, fascism and fundamentalism and discrimination have strong influence on government.

    - J.A. Gibson,

  • Liz MCEntee says:

    I am so sorry for Eva’s lose. Doesn’t STieg write about the unjustness of the Sweden courts. Haunting. Eva, get a better lawyer. Someone that’s willing to kick some butt.

    - Liz MCEntee,

  • S.M. from Chicago says:

    I haven’t read a better suspense book in a long time and I feel so sorry that Eva shouldn;t enjoy the least of the money gained by this book.Losing a soulmate is hard but feeling so unimportant in Stieg’s life,I think was the last straw for her.I can;t believe that Swedish court has made such a decision.I am sure the fourth novel will redeem her from her fallen state.

    - S.M. from Chicago,

  • A Jones says:

    brave woman, and hope that she has success with what undoubtedly her partner would have wanted her to have and to continue in his name. re the heart attack, there is technology available that can cause this. It is possible also to cause heart attack by direct physical means, without leaving an obvious trace.

    - A Jones,

  • A Jones says:

    brave woman, and hope that she has success with what undoubtedly her partner would have wanted her to have and to continue in his name. re the heart attack, there is technology available that can cause this. It is possible also to cause heart attack by direct physical means, without leaving an obvious trace.

    - A Jones,

  • Marta Edel, Sao Paulo , Brasil says:

    Dear Eva, any fres news about going on with the next one? I´m feling so sad finishing my third today… Please give us any sign or whatever.. Tack! A stor kram paa dig..

    - Marta Edel, Sao Paulo , Brasil,

  • Marta Edel, Sao Paulo , Brasil says:

    Dear Eva, any fres news about going on with the next one? I´m feling so sad finishing my third today… Please give us any sign or whatever.. Tack! A stor kram paa dig..

    - Marta Edel, Sao Paulo , Brasil,

  • Malynka says:

    I bought the books due to the article in Oprah magazine. I’m so glad I did. I have just finished the third book. They were captivating, enthralling and very difficult to put down.

    I truly hope that Steig’s family can overcome their greedy quest and show some compassion for Eva. She could then satisfy my greed to read more and be shown the respect that she deserves.

    - Malynka,