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Review of Millennium trilogy, Stieg Larsson

Coffee, anyone?

Coffee, anyone?”

i have just finished the second book in the trilogy, could not get my nose out of it!

BUT…I have one complaint, an unimportant detail that IS important because it annoys and distracts me. COFFEE! I am half Norwegian-American, and know that the Scandinavians love their coffee and are not know for their advanced skill and attitude towards food, but PLEASE… Mikael seems to exist on nothing more than coffee and sandwiches. It’s horrifying! How many cups does he consume in a day?? I’d love estimates!

all of the characters show absolutely no interest in nourishment of any kind. Are they all anorexics? (Not Blumenthal, apparently)…

I’m getting heartburn just thinking about it…

mary atkinson i richmond, virginia

Submitted: 15 August 2010


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The books, in some fascinating and subconscious way, actually increased my daily coffee consumption over the period I read them.

Jo, 19 January 2014

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