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Controversy surrounding the legacy

Stieg Larsson spent 32 years of his life with the architect Eva Gabrielsson. However, the never married, maybe due to Stieg's dangerous work at the Expo-foundation. They did not have any children, and Stieg left no written will, so according to Swedish law, Stieg's estate was inherited by his father and brother. This sparked a dispute between Eva Gabrielsson and Stieg's relatives. She claims that they “were never a part of our lives” and that they are not the right persons handling Stieg's estate.

A fact complicating the matter is that Eva has the laptop with the partly finished script for the fourth book in the Millenium series. And she will not publish the script unless she is given the full rights to manage the novels in the Millenium series, the novels which she and Stieg worked with together. However, Stieg's father and brother has not been willing to meet this amend, and this has resulted in a stalemate which has lasted the five years since Stieg's death.


The most recent event took place when Stieg's father and brother in an interview with a newspaper offered Eva a final settlement of € 2 million. She rejected the offer, saying that it is not the money she is after, but the legal rights to administrate the literary property of Stieg.


So the stalemate continues, and the final words have not been said.

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I just read The Girl in the Spider’s Web. It started slow, had too many new characters, but I still enjoyed the read. If Eva is ever able to write more books, I would read those too.

Mary Lapeyrade, 1 October 2015

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Greedy buggers. If she worked on the books with her life partner then she should have the bulk of the proceeds. I am astonished that this could be allowed to happen in Sweden.

SueKlein, 31 December 2014

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Please print the book!

, 3 October 2014

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Eva probably knows Lisbeth so well that she could continue her story for many more books. Eva is part of the Larsson legend and I can fully understand her motives for wanting to control the books. How very sad that there should be squabbles about what are surely the books of the century

Mon, 1 October 2014

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If it were the other way around, would the Male be denied the rights to the estate?

Pj Meyers, 26 September 2014

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So very sad. I hope she is allowed to publish the fourth book the first three are brilliant. I would dearly love to follow the story on. The father and brother should not be allowed to control the work that was obviously intended to go to print.

Dulcie, 24 August 2014

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A mess…but his partner should be able to have all the rights. Whether or not they made their relationship “legal” (piece of paper)…they were together for 32 years! Hello!!!! Nobody expects to die suddenly – especially at 50…and obviously, Steig was writing BOOKS…not a will. No-one chooses family…but we DO choose whom we live with!

p.s. the prior message to this one needs a dictionary – or just a lesson (or 10) on the proper use of grammar.

Patricia A. Fontaine, 17 August 2014

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Let the 4th book be published!!! Please!

smsmichaela, 5 August 2014

Sorry about mistakenly naming your comment as prior to mine…my comments were made to the one before yours. Truly apologize!

Patricia A. Fontaine, 17 August 2014

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Mr. Larson should of married her or left a will. If she were that important to him, he would have taken care of that. This is not Sweden’s fault or his family’s fault. The girlfriend was a room-mate with benefits. She’s the dumb one. If she helped write the books, why didn’t he give her co-authorship. This chick was him room-mate. He did what he wanted to do and “left” the money to his family in his own way.

BobbiPratt, 6 July 2014

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Considering Sweden is supposed to be a modern and forward looking country, it’s staggering that a partner, particularly one of such long-standing can be left in a situation of having no rights in a spousal position. In this country people would be in outrage!

Steig’s life partner must keep her position with regard to his Father and Brother, who he clearly didn’t have any relationship with – they are ambushing steig’s life and work for their own financial gain; it’s a ‘little’ obscene and pretty distasteful.

Heather, altrincham, 23 May 2014

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