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  • “Extremhögern”, Stieg Larsson, Anna-Lena Lodenius, Stockholm, 1991
  • “Sverigedemokraterna: den nationella rörelsen”, Stieg Larsson, Mikael Ekman, Stockholm, 2001
  • Stieg Larsson, Cecilia Englund: “Debatten om hedersmord: feminism eller rasism”, Stockholm, 2004
  • Richard Slätt, Maria Blomquist, Stieg Larsson, David Lagerlöf m.fl.: “Sverigedemokraterna från insidan”, 2004

The Millennium trilogy

English translation by Reg Keeland

Periodicals edited

  • Svartvitt med Expo, 1999-2002
  • Expo, 2002-2004
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LISBETH does not die in reality. Its the biggest lesson learned ever for her. The antisocial Lisbeth dies. The pizza eating pooter geek lives on and finds peace. I hope.

HMS, 18 May 2013

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I certainly like the Swedish version better than the American version. Just as I predicted. Rapace owns that character. Even though she is discribed in Stiegs books as extremely thin, anorexic looking which Fincher got in his version, Rapace nailed it with her looks, defiance and stature and her personalty. In a way if you really think about it Lisbeth Salander had to be strong to deal with what she had to in life, getting beat up and raped and riding a motorcycle Noomi Rapace fit that part. Fincher created a ghost like character, sometimes she looked like a vampire. She wasn’t strong enough to carry that roll. She spoke too softly, she did not convey toughness like Rapace did to be believable. The 2 Lisbeths kept thier emotions inside. I had fun picking out little mistakes, such as Rapace going to the grocery to pick up some food, which you coud put in 5 big gocery bags of which she has to walk all the way home with, impossible.! It should have been a few items and threw them the bag,She was not planner of meals, she mainly lived on pizza.But its fun to find a flaw,and say well, his books aren’t too perfect. Read them all,too bad I cound not read all 10, it really is a never ending story. Maybe Stieg could deliver the other 7 down to us, 4th Salander goes to Canada to chill out but encounters something there she did not bank on, She eventally tells Blomkvist after she already investigated it for 3 months. He cancels 2 meetings in Stockholm, books a flight in Canada, they meet in a cafe’ House. The first time he has seen her in a while, and Blomkvist noticed something different about Lisbeth… she looks better. She has a really cute haircut, not like the one before. She looks healthy. She had taken off a lot of her tttoos but not the Dragon. He was really glad to see her, but he wanted to get down to busines. Why was it so important she had to see him now?

Tracy O’Shea, 1 April 2012

I would normally say I preferred the native (Swedish) version, on the basis of it being more culturally ‘genuine’; but i think the Fincher film was not just better, it was one of the most stylish films i have seen from the opening credits – which were extraordinary – to the finale. Carig and Mara really nailed those characters. Craig has always been a highly watchable actor with great charisma and depth so perhaps not surprising. Mara was a revelation tho. To be fiard the Swedish version was made for TV so just didn’t have the same production values of the Fincher film.

jo elvidge, 27 May 2013

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R.I.P u made a great book 😀

Filip Arnhold, 20 February 2012

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What a genius writer!! So well written, so cautivating. This triology was the most interesting books I ever read. What a shame that he died so young.

It will be very difficult to surpass this author!!!

margarita Escosia, 13 November 2011

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Cool book! “Reading” books 1,2 like audio books in polish translation.

Is it posible to find 3d part in Hebrew?

Constantine, 11 May 2011

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Not for many years have I read books that have stayed with me, I am now just about to see the second of the DVD’s, well portrayed and very little left out. Superb fiction and what a loss to the literary world is Stieg Larsson.

PJW, 6 May 2011

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gail Ginther, 6 May 2011

heart attack

where have you been the past few years ??

Wasp, 27 June 2011

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I am almost finished the 1st book – really great. But what I kinda of thought was that Stieg Larsson is a ‘pseudonym’ in respect for a female writer. Just a thought.

D. Wood, 22 Mars 2011

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hi i have just finished books 1 & 2 and starting 3 i am not usually a big fan of the thriller but Stieg Larsson has written such wonderfull plotts it so hard to put them down. I do hope that the 4th book can be eventually published. And what a loss to the literey world. A very sad loss

j m l o’Brien 30 january 2011, 30 January 2011

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In the past couple of monmths I thought I heard an interview about Stieg on NPR. Has someone published a biography?

S. Perry, 14 December 2010

see “The Man Who Left Too Soon”

, 14 January 2011

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