Stockholm Map

      Mikael Blomkvists home

      Mikael Blomkvist lives here in an attic apartment with a view of the water and Old Town (Gamla stan). In the books, the entrance of the building is at street level. In reality, the entrance to Bellmansgatan 1 is from the walkway over the street. ... Read more

      One of Stockholm’s most beautiful views

      This is one of Stockholm's most beautiful views. On the other side of the water, angled to the left, is Kungsholmen island. The square, chunky building with the light brown tower and green roof is the Stockholm District Courthouse (Rådhuset) where Mikael Blomkvist is convicted of slander against Ha ... Read more

      Lisbeth’s original apartment on Lundagatan, the quickest way between Lisbeth’s apartment and Mikael’s

      Lisbeth Salander had a miserable upbringing in an apartment on Lundagatan. She inherits the apartment from her mother and lives there until she buys her new aprtment on Fiskargatan. The fastest way between her apartment and Mikael Blomkvist's is via this bridge. ... Read more

      Mellqvist Coffee Bar

      Mikael Blomkvist's hangout. Here is where Lisbeth Salander asks him to lend her money for an important "investment". Money she uses to finance the coup that makes her three billion dollars richer. It is also here that a love-struck Lisbeth, with a newly purchased Christmas present, sees Mikael kiss ... Read more

      Adat Jisrael Synagogue

      This somewhat modest building houses the Adat Jisrael Synagogue. Detective Inspector Jan Bublanski is an active member of the synagogue and has a meeting here with Dragan Armanskij, CEO of Milton Security and Lisbeth Salander's employer. ... Read more

      Millenium’s editorial office

      In the books, Millennium's editorial office is located above Greenpeace's. The space is 150 square meters (1,600 square feet) with a glass facade facing Götgatan. In reality, there are only apartments on this floor. In the film, the entrance is located on Götgatan 11. ... Read more


      Lisbeth Salander often shops here after buying her new apartment. On Monday, 10 January, she buys shampoo, toothpaste, soap, yogurt, milk, eggs, cheese, bread, frozen cinnamon rolls, coffee, Lipton teabags, pickles, apples, a large pack of Billy's Pan Pizza and a carton of Marlboro Lights. ... Read more

      The pub Kvarnen

      On Tuesday night, Lisbeth Salander meets the girls in the rock band Evil Fingers at Kvarnen. Mikael Blomkvist and his colleagues at Millennium also come here. Lisbeth tries to attract Mikael's attention by kissing Miriam Wu when Mikael and Dag Svensson are there having a beer. ... Read more

      Lisbeth’s new apartment

      Lisbeth Salander buys a 350 square meter (3,800 square foot), 21-room apartment on the top floor of this building. She only furnishes a few rooms and lives here in secret with the name V. Kulla on the door. (Villa Villekulla is the name of Pippi Longstockings house) ... Read more


      On the way back to her apartment on Fiskargatan after her trip abroad, Lisbeth Salander walks across Mosebacke Square past Nils Sjögren's statue "The Sisters". She and her lawyer Annika Giannini, who is Mikael Blomkvist's sister, have a beer at Södra Teatern when everything is over. ... Read more

      Lisbeth’s legal guardian Nils Bjurman’s apartment

      Lawyer Nils Bjurman, Lisbeth Salander's guardian after Holger Palmgren, and also a rapist has his five-room apartment on this street near Odenplan. The most serious rape takes place in his apartment, and it is here that Lisbeth takes revenge and tattoos his stomach. ... Read more

      Nils Bjurman’s office

      This is the site of Nils Bjurman's office where the first rape of Lisbeth Salander occurs. ... Read more

      Police Headquarters

      Detective Inspector Jan Bublanski and police officers Sonja Modig and Hans Faste work here. This is also the headquarters of the Swedish Security Police where Torsten Edklinth and Monica Figuerola work. ... Read more

      Rådhuset, the Stockholm District Courthouse

      This is the location of the Stockholm District Court where Mikael Blomkvist is convicted of slander against Hans-Erik Wennerström. This is also where the trial that ends up with Lisbeth Salander being declared legally competent takes place. ... Read more

      Monica Figuerola’s apartment

      Monica Figuerola lives somewhere on this street in a two-room apartment. ... Read more

      Norr Mälarstrand

      In the books, Monica Figuerola jogs along Norr Mälarstrand. At the Mälar pavilion, the café with a small pavilion out in the water, she and an initially reluctant and sullen Jan Bublanski exchange information. Directly across the water on the other side lies Södermalm and Mikael Blomkvist's neig ... Read more